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Pirate face West Hardin in double header

Ashley Hollier throws the ball to home to score an out. (Emily Waldrep Photo)by Emily Waldrep

The Spurger Pirate baseball team played West Hardin in a double header on Friday so that they could catch up on the district games they missed due to rain and wet fields.

The first game began at 2 p.m., and began with Hunter Smith and John Smart getting in two good hits, and Aaron Ford and Cody Winkle making runs for the Pirates. With the Pirates ahead 2-0, West Hardin made a huge comeback in the second inning and scored six runs, as well as five more in the third inning. The Pirates held off West Hardin for the remainder of the game, and finally began to make their comeback in the fifth inning. Hunter Smith started off the fifth inning with a run, and John Smart and Brett Bussel both made hits and got on base. Aaron Ford, Cody Winkle, Thomas Martin, and Austin Robinson also went on to make runs for the Pirates in the fifth inning. The score stayed at 7-11 for the remainder of the game, and the Pirates ran out of time to claim a win in the first game.

Key players in the game were Aaron Ford with 2 runs, Cody Winkle with 2 runs, Thomas Martin with a run and a hit, Austin Robinson with a run and two hits, and Hunter Smith, who pitched 9 strike-outs against West Hardin.

The second game of the double header began with West Hardin scoring two runs, but the Pirates played an exellent defense and didn't allow them to score again until the fifth inning. Aaron Ford scored two runs, and Thomas Martin added another to the Pirates' score before the fifth inning to bring the score to 3-2 with Spurger in the lead. Then, in the fifth inning, West Hardin scored another run, tying the game at 3-3. The game remained tied until the last inning, when West Hardin scored five more runs. Again, the Pirates ran out of time to come back and could score only two more runs before the game ended. The final score was 8-5 with West Hardin pulling off a close win.

Key players in the game were Aaron Ford with three runs, Brett Bussel and Caleb Lebouf with one run each, and Austin Robinson with three hits.

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