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Woodville Forfeits To Warren - Friendly Rivalry Ends In Brawl

by Kelli Barnes

Neighbors and school rivals, varsity baseball teams from Woodville and Warren faced off for the first time this season at Hennigan Park in Woodville. The Friday night game was part of the Woodville varsity baseball tournament going on this weekend. The tournament is also a fundraiser for Woodville Volunteer Fire Department.

The game started at 7:30 p.m. with Warren batting first. Woodville had two batters out in the first inning when the game was delayed due to lightning. At approximately 8:30 p.m. the game resumed play. Woodville scored first with four runs. Warren came back, getting four runs of their own and adding another five, making the score 9-4. Later, Woodville scored another three, bringing the score to 9-7.

The atmosphere in the stands and on the field was typical for rival teams enjoying a close game with a lot of action. Woodville tied the game 9-9 near the end of the time limit. The Warriors fought to get the Eagles out of the final inning scoreless. Woodville had a man on first with two outs when the Warrior pitcher threw a curve ball, hitting the Woodville batter in the helmet. Instead of taking first base, the Woodville batter ran to the Warren pitcher, attacking him. This action caused several players from both teams to leave their dugouts and storm the pitchers' mound. Spectators witnessed a brawl that was quickly ended by coaches from both teams.

Everyone waited anxiously in the stands while players and coaches met on the field with their respective teams. Within minutes, a Woodville Eagles coach crossed the field to the Warren team, offering a handshake to the Warren coach and forfeiting the game.

The tournament will continue Saturday. It is uncertain what will happen to the Woodville player who started the incident, but it is unfortunate one player ruined a good game between friendly rivals.




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