updated 7:46 PM UTC, Sep 23, 2020

Chester residents find artificial hip parts while digging in yard

by Emily Waldrep

Tyler County Sheriff's Office and Woodville Police Department along with Constable Fuller (Precinct 2), TDCJ, the Texas Rangers and the FBI investigated a call from a Chester resident who had discovered what they thought to be an artificial hip joint in their yard on Saturday, January 19.

According to Phil Ryan and the Tyler County Sheriff's Department, the Chester residents had been digging in their backyard earlier in the summer when they found what they thought was a brake or clutch handle from a bike. When a second object was uncovered, they realized that it was an artificial hip and contacted Constable John Fuller.

Fuller then contacted the Tyler County Sheriffs department, who came out and cornered off the area and began an investigation.

"We made a few phone calls to try and investigate the serial number on the part," said officer Phil Ryan of the Tyler County Sheriffs Department. "No one had that part number in their databases. The Texas Rangers were then called out to assist since it would be such a large-scale area to try and recover any evidence from."

No other evidence has surfaced in the case, but the county will continue to contact databases to discover how the artificial hip parts ended up a backyard.

Sheriff Brian Weatherford want to thank the City of Woodville, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Texas Rangers, the FBI and all other local agencies for their involvement in the investigation.

"This is just a sign of things to come here in Tyler County," Weatherford said. "I'm going to make sure we have a great working relationship with everybody involved and that state, local and federal agencies will work closely together to protect and serve the citizens of Tyler County."

Updates will be published as information is gathered.




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