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Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherfordby Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford

Having had a few weeks to settle into my new position as your Sheriff, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my vision for this term. I count myself as an extremely blessed man. From a very young age it was evident to me that I had a true passion for law enforcement. Even more than that, a chance to make my profession one that protects the weak against those who would bring them harm and hold the unjust accountable for their crimes. And I could not be anymore thankful to the citizens of Tyler County for having faith in my dedication to this task and placing me in this office to do just that. The goals of this administration for the citizens are going to be made possible by the group of great men and women at this department. The people here at this Sheriff's Office work hard to fight against the bad people in this county. They do it because they love and care for the people here, because they have grown up here, because they have come to call this place home, because as I do they chose to protect their friends and family.

So much crime in our county, as in the rest of the country, revolves around drugs; the use of drugs, the selling of drugs, and the manufacturing of drugs. Much of our other crime is still drug related. Burglaries, robberies, and thefts all come back to the drug trade. I, and my department, take this very seriously, and we will combat these criminals in every way we can and put an end to their selfish draining ways on our community. This letter is not just to the law abiding citizens of our county but I am also talking to those of you who feel that our laws do not apply to you. This department will be utilizing all of its tools and powers to lock you up. We will be working more closely than ever with the District Attorney's Office to affect arrest and prosecutions that will result in you receiving time in prison. We are not looking to put you on probation where the good people of our area never get a break from your lawless ways. We will strive to take away your freedom so that your victims feel some sense of justice and other impressionable people who may be thinking of this type of lifestyle will possibly think twice. We will be reaching out to citizens to share their information about these criminals to better aid us in bringing these bad people to justice.

We will also be working hard to increase our patrol presence within the communities without bringing any extra burden upon the tax payers. We have programs already in motion to bring this about. You can expect to see more manpower in the high crime areas. You will see continued inter-agency cooperation to better wage war on these criminals. I see the hard work and the effort put forth by every employee, in every department in this agency, to protect all of you. All of these people inspire me, because this would be a daunting and impossible task to go alone; but, daily I know that I have the tireless efforts of the communications division, the jail division, and the patrol division fighting shoulder to shoulder with me for you.

Another area that will receive our strongest efforts will be protecting our children and loved ones against sexual predators. My deputies will be enforcing the courts stipulations as it pertains to each of the registered sex offenders in our county. At the end of this letter I will post a web site that you will be able to log onto and view the sex offenders in our county. Please take the time to visit this site to become more aware of those that present a risk to our children and help us if you become aware of any suspicious activities. And to those of you who have stolen someone's innocence and are reading this, know that this department will be in your life to the maximum extent these courts allow. I am not willing to risk one child or any possible victim for the sake of being politically correct. Tyler County will NEVER be a destination or haven for sexual predators.

I am very excited to be leading this current group of men and women in this department who hold their sense of duty and love of community above their drive for personal gain. I know the talents that they possess in other areas and that they could be compensated better monetarily for these talents, but the exciting part is that they have chosen their passion for law enforcement above those types of gains. They feel, as do I, that it not someone else's responsibility to battle evil. We accept this challenge willingly. We will fight hard every day to make this a safer place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be your Sheriff. This is not an honor or a duty that I take lightly. I am truly honored that you have entrusted me with the protection of your property and your safety. And for those of you who would take things that don't belong to you, think that you can terrorize or hurt our citizens, or harm our children...know that we will catch you, we will expose you for what you are, and we will bring you to justice.




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