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Woodville woman arrested for family violence

by Emily Waldrep

Domestic Violence is not often dinner table conversation in Tyler County, but the reality is that it is not uncommon. Local Law Enforcement wants Tyler County citizens to know that no type of domestic violence is okay, even if the woman is the one who commits the offense against a male. Violence is never a good way to settle a family dispute.

Ashley Diane Bruguier, age 26 of Woodville, was arrested July 27 after law enforcement responded to a domestic violence situation. The victim in the case was a 38-year-old male.

"The police department received a 911 call to go to a domestic disturbance on the 200th block of Shivers Drive" says Captain Mike McCulley. "Officers observed the 38 year old male victim had noticeable injuries and abrasions on his face and cheek area, and he advised that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a verbal argument, and she assaulted him."

According to reports, Bruguier used her fist to assault the victim.

After looking at the evidence, officers made an arrest under the family violence statute, which states that an arrest must be made if an officer see's any physical sign of violence.

Captain Mike McCulley of the Woodville Police Department speaks out against all kinds of domestic violence.

"The Woodville Police Department has noticed an increase for calls of service concerning Family Disturbances," Caption McCulley said. "There are several possible factors contributing to this increase. The most common also seems to be the most obvious, the relentless heat! Also add in the area's economic situation and mix in drugs or alcohol, and you have a recipe for family issues to arise. If you talk with officers who work the streets, they will tell you that this type of call for service is one of the most dangerous to deal with, especially when children are in the middle. Family disturbances are very unpredictable."

The Police Department wants to remind everyone to take a step back and think about their actions, and consequences to those actions, before they involve themselves in a violent situation. In a majority of cases, someone will go to jail if they are involved in a family violence situation.

Captain Mike McCulley said that "The statute of law is clear.., If an Officer finds any evidence that a physical assault has occurred to either person, man or women, an arrest shall be made. Meaning, the Officer must arrest the person that is the aggressor. While not common, it does happen that the women are the aggressors. There are even sometimes when the officer can and should arrest both parties. The officer does have a responsibility to make sure that no physical altercation occurs after the disturbance has ended. Officers understand that family disturbances are part of their job."

Even though it is an officer's job, no officer wants to see people involved in a family violence situation.

"This little reminder hopefully will aid in the understanding of why these situations are a big issue with Officers and difficult sometimes for them to defuse," says McCulley.

All Family Violence situations should be reported to the police, even if the woman is the attacker in the situation. Just because it is not the social norm, that does not mean that those actions are legal or acceptable.




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