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Copper wire valued at $1,200 stolen from Entergy Sub-Station

by Emily Waldrep

The Entergy Sub-Station near Old Livingston highway was broken into last week, and the thieves stole quite a bit of copper wiring. Woodville police report that the person or persons robbing the station stole about $1,200 dollars worth of copper after using a pair of wire cutters to cut a hole in the chain link fence. Thankfully, the wire was just used as a ground wire and no power was lost to the city, but now the expensive copper wiring will have to be replaced.

Copper theft is a huge problem in Tyler County, as well as the rest of Texas, as the price of copper is rising. Many thieves will steal the wire and then sell it for a large profit to the black market or to an independent dealer. But, Copper theft carries a high price in Texas, and if caught, anyone stealing copper can be thrown into jail and fined. The fine is usually larger than the profit from the stolen copper, so stealing just isn't worth it.




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