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Property owners address council about city trash service rates

By Chris Edwards
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WOODVILLE – During the audience comments portion of the Woodville City Council’s meeting on Monday night, two property owners addressed rate increases with city garbage service.

Michael Murphy and Chance Cooper, both of whom own and/or manage investment properties within the city limits spoke about the rate increases. Murphy, who owns apartment complexes in Woodville, said he does not understand the reasoning behind a 50 percent increase, nor why apartment complexes are charged by the unit. “I’m being gouged for my Dumpster service,” he said. For a two-yard Dumpster, which is picked up twice a week, Murphy said he pays $390 per month, a service he said he can get from Local Sanitation for $120 a month, which he noted is the market price. City ordinance, Murphy noted, prevents him from using a different waste management company other than the city service.

Murphy told council that he noticed many trash Dumpsters provided by the city to businesses outside the city limits. “I don’t know why they (other contractors) can’t come in the city, but the city can go outside the city to provide this service,” he said.

Cooper spoke about the same topic. He said he does not understand why apartment complexes are charged at different rates than the existing commercial rates. Cooper, who owns a mobile home park and apartment complex, each with nine units, said there is a discrepancy in the amount he pays between the two properties, with the charge being significantly higher at the apartment complex.

Cooper said he understands, when considering inflation and other factors, the reason behind the price increase, but does not understand the discrepancy between the properties’ rates. “Why at one property with the same volume of trash did I get a nine percent increase and at the apartment complex I got a 50 percent increase?”

Mayor Paula Jones said the council could not address the comments, as they were not on the regular agenda. Cooper said he wishes to have the concern slated for next month’s council agenda.

Horse nuisance committee formed
A committee appointed by Jones of herself, Woodville Police Chief Scott Yosko, City Administrator Mandy Risinger and councilmembers Herb Branch and Tony Greer was approved to address a topic that was initially discussed during December’s council meeting.

An ordinance, written by city attorney Brad Elrod, was proposed concerning horses being ridden inside the city limits. As it was presented on December’s agenda, the ordinance met with a lengthy discussion and several concerns as it was initially penned.

Risinger said many of the complaints the city has received deal with horses being ridden up to storefronts and safety issues with horses among automobile traffic at night. The complaints, she said, have been ongoing for years.

Elrod said he modeled the ordinance on similar policies from other communities, and in response to the questions, said it can be amended and be made more specific to Woodville’s concerns.

The committee was formed to address the topic and retool the ordinance wherever needed.

Other Business
Council also voted to approve the following items during Monday night’s meeting:
• The approval of a resolution to designate the Tyler County Booster as the official newspaper for the City of Woodville for fiscal year 2018-19 was made.
• A plat for the McAlister addition was approved for Magnolia Cemetery. The property was acquired and approved by the county and needed approval by the city.




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