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WISD gets great financial report card

By Valerie Reddell
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Superintendent Glen Conner and Assistant Superintendent Cody Jarrott presented the district's Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) report, showing that the district earned a perfect score on the 15 required criteria.

The rating system looks at the most recent independent audit, debt repayment, payments into the retirement system, the amount of cash on hand, asset to liability ratios, staff to student ratios, administrative costs and the revenue to expense ratio.
Jarrott reported that the district has collected 25 percent of its tax levy so far this year.

"That's slightly behind last year, but more payments may be in the tax office at this time," Jarrott said.

The bulk of the tax revenue the district receives are included on January and February revenue reports, he added.

The district's cash balance is very good, Jarrott said. After two CDs matured, the funds from those accounts were moved into investment pools to improve the amount of interest income.
Infrastructure study

The board also heard from Steve Smelly of the Way Companies who is preparing a report on the district's infrastructure to help in decisions related to building renovations.

Smelly shared in information on HVAC equipment at the December meeting and will move on to an investment grade audit on buildings. Their reports delivered before winter break will include a scope of work and energy conservation measures.
The report will be focused on preventing the district from spending money on "band-aid solutions and is being prepared at no cost to the district.

Conner reported that the board will likely need to approve replacement of portions of the lighting system at the baseball fields at Hennigan Park. Conner said the equipment that has been in place for about 30 year was not intended to be used underground.
Baseball and softball teams will begin play in a couple weeks, Conner said.
Turnaround Plan

Trustees approved the District Improvement Plan which has been discussed at length in November and December meetings. The plan, prepared by Karen Ford, coordinator of School Improvement, has been posted on the district's website for several weeks, but has not drawn any comments from members of the community.

The plan's strategy focus on Every Child, Every Classroom Every Day. The plan sets a goal to use data obtained through standardized testing efficiently to improve student outcomes.

The district will increase mentoring efforts that partner new teachers with those with more experience. Other plans include building leadership skills among campus administrators.

The plan will include using uniform lesson plans rather than trying to measure effectiveness of lesson plans that use a variety of styles and strategies.

The district sets its sights on improving community engagement with district wide family friendly activities and events and build communication with stakeholders in the community.

Progress measurements include public meetings that solicit feedback from the community.

In other business, trustees approved:
• Changing the date of the next meeting to Feb. 26. Trustees also will gather for a budget workshop on Monday, Jan. 22.

Just prior to the meeting, Woodville ISD thanked members of the Board of Trustees with a barbecue dinner by ag teacher George Pyle.




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