updated 5:39 PM UTC, Jun 5, 2020

Woodville PD Back To School traffic safety

With school starting back on Monday, the Woodville Police Department wants to send out a reminder to parents and teachers to pay attention to parking rules and zones so that Officers won't have to write any citations.

"We want to remind citizens that when they are dropping off and picking up kids that they should observe the parking signs and not take advantage of what seems like easy parking," Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley said. "We are put in a position where we are going to have to start ticketing for it. We don't want to but we have to if we continue to see the violations. We see violations from parking the wrong way on the street to parking in no parking zones to parking in handicap zones without proper decals"

One of the main violations that officers see is a vehicle parking facing traffic. Even if you only plan to be parked there for a few minutes, it is still dangerous and illegal.

"Officers will try to be as forgiving as possible and some warnings may apply to certain situations, but other situations may warrant a citation," McCulley said. "The bottom line is that everybody that has a drivers license should know what the parking rules are and there are signs posted. If someone is blatantly violation the rules, we will write a citation."

There are several streets in the city that are one way streets during certain hours or have different speed limits and restrictions during certain times, and those areas will be monitored by officers.

McCulley also wants to remind citizens to slow down in school zones and that those zones will be closely patrolled as well.

"There will be extra units out during the first weeks of school to make sure people are complying with the parking rules," McCulley said. "Speeding in schools zones will be strictly enforced. These zones are lit up very visibly with blinking lights letting drivers know when those zones require reduced speeds."

Use of an electronic device is also prohibited in school zones, and the police department may send out unmarked police cars to monitor speed and electronic device usage in these zones.




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