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Ivanhoe Council hears complaint on property erosion

by Emily Waldrep

Ivanhoe city council held its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 12, 2012 to discuss various agenda items such as the animal shelter, roadwork and the new Ivanhoe entrance.

First, the board addressed some comments from Kelli Fields, a full-time resident of Ivanhoe who has lived in the city for 3 years. Fields claimed that her home is being eroded as a result of some recent dirt work in the ditches near her home.

"We are going to have to have our home re-leveled," Fields said. "My property is being eroded away, and it's all going into the lake."

Fields is concerned that the Fire Department and Ivanhoe council members are not doing their job, because no one has tried to remedy the problem at her home. Council members stated that everyone in Ivanhoe has the same problem, and that they are trying their best to remedy the road problems. Many of the roads in Ivanhoe need re-doing, and it will be an ongoing project. The council also stated that during the rain they had many calls from residents with various drainage problems. To help remedy the situation, Ivanhoe council made a line item transfer request that would move $20,000 from the emergency fund to the roadwork fund. Council believes that the roads are a real emergency, and that the additional $20,000 will help the city get through the rest of the fiscal year and make additional roadway improvements. Thankfully, the emergency fund still has plenty of funds in case another emergency situation arises.

In other business, Ivanhoe updated on the progress of the animal shelter. The backflow preventer has been installed, and the shelter now has electricity and water. The council is excited that the building is moving forward, and after a stray dog recently jumped a fence and killed a pet cat, many residents of Ivanhoe are ready for the shelter to be completed.

Sadly, a few citizens disagree with the building of the animal shelter and have gone in and vandalized the shelter.

"The vandalism is only costing the city more money and will not stop the construction of the shelter," said council members. "We have received several calls about wild dogs, and even have a stray litter of puppies. The shelter is moving forward."

Another large order of business dealt with the entrance to Ivanhoe and its improvements. At the last council meeting, members had a bid from a contractor that was ready to begin construction on the entrance and the council moved $4,000 from the emergency fund to help pay for the construction. But, as of the June 12 meeting, no construction had been made. Some members of the city as well as a few council members were upset that the entrance was viewed as an "emergency" project, but hasn't been started.

The council assured everyone that the contractor received the materials, but the recent rain has prevented any real progress from being made on the entrance but that construction will begin soon.

Council members and residents think that the various improvements to the Ivanhoe entrance will give the city a better image to visitors and brighten up the community.

The next Ivanhoe City Council meeting will be held on August 9, 2012 at the community center at 7:00p.m.




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