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Woodville Administrator updates council on German Pellet progress

by Leann Monk

The Woodville City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Ben Bythewood, Monday, May 14, proclaiming the city would recognize Woodville Eagle Choir and Band Day on May 28. The proclamation, read by Bythewood, stated this day honors the 2011-2012 Woodville Eagle Band and Choir members for their success in capturing a Division I rating on a Class 1 Solo or Ensemble at Region X UIL Contest; qualifying these members to advance to State Competition on May 28. The band and choir members advancing to the state competition and being recognized in this proclamation are: Allen Dorman, Joe Arline, Hallie Beaty, Jacquelyn Johnson, Michael Nanney, Abbie Quinn, Makayla Stowe, Hannah Williams, Jenna Barnes, Shelby Hadnot, Christopher Ledesma, Sam Matterson, Patricia Rice, Kristen Swafford, and Whitney Williams. The students are under the direction of Choir Director, Matthew Moody and Interim Band Director, Jim Boone. "The students have contributed greatly to the City's pride with their achievements, and I urge all citizens to congratulate the band and choir members for their accomplishments and wish them success as they advance to State Competition," said the Mayor.

Next on the agenda for Council to consider for approval was the variance to the city's noise ordinance. Todd Pounds, from the Woodville First Baptist Church, petitioned Council to lift the current noise ordinance until 10:00 p.m. on May 16. The event Pounds and the church would be hosting would be held inside the family life center of the church, but according to city administrator, Pounds was afraid the noise would be heard outside the walls of the building. "He wanted to get approval just in case the noise could be heard outside the walls of the center. Especially since it is a residential area," Risinger said. Council voted to lift the ordinance until 10:00 p.m.

Also for consideration to the city's noise ordinance was a petition from Rage Bowie from Inner Court Evangelistic Ministries. This petition was tabled due to no representation being present at the council meeting. However, since Council met, it has come to the attention of the City Administrator, this event has been cancelled due to the petitioner finding a new location.

Council then considered for approval the Engineering Study proposal from the meter company McKinstry. This company provided for Council a workshop on April 25 to give information on their services and how they would be able to benefit the City of Woodville. According to Risinger, this study would examine whether or not the water meters the City currently has in operation is doing an accurate job. "Basically, this company would do a study and present a proposal to Council that would tell us if our current meters are capturing all of the water that passes through, like they are supposed to and if we need to replace them," she said. After the company makes its presentation and recommendations to Council, then they would discuss the City's options. Council voted to allow McKinstry to go forward with the study and then report back with their findings.

Risinger then gave her monthly report by first reminding Council the City offices would be closed on May 28 in observance of Memorial Day. She went on to give an update on the German Pellet project. "The engineer is working on the design and we are currently shooting for August 1 to have gas out there," she said. Risinger also noted in her report to Council the recycle trailer has been ordered. "The trailer is slightly larger than the current trailer we are using." "All of the information for the design of the City of Woodville's website has been submitted to the GovOffice Design Team and our site has been submitted to the programmers for scheduling. We are approximately four weeks out in the programmer's schedule," Risinger told Council in reference to the city's new website. "This has been something we have been working on for a while and now we are getting closer," she said.

Risinger informed Council the City had received notification that the Insurance Services Office or ISO plans to recommend a "Class 4" Public Rating to the State Fire Marshall's office for Woodville. The city had been rated a "Class 6". "This rating will help people with their insurance rates," she said. "This is a good thing," she went on to say. According to councilmember and insurance agent Russ Nalley the lowering of the classification will be a positive factor when insurance companies figure premiums and rates on home insurance. "The lower class code is one factor that goes into the equation," said Nalley. "Insurance companies use a number of things to determine the final premium or rate for home insurance. The class code for an area is one of those things that go into the formula," he explained.

Woodville City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. on the second floor of the City Hall.




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