updated 7:00 PM UTC, May 27, 2020

Chester City Council working on NIMS



By Michael G. Maness

CHESTER – Chester City Council’s brisk meeting Monday evening, Oct. 7, centered around the National Incident Management System training. Mayor Floyd Petri has been working on getting a few council members certified.

At this meeting, Petri passed out some information on training and how each could sign up and pursue it at home from their computers. This would aid the city in an emergency and to help the city coordinate with the county emergency services. Councilwoman Michelle Cowan had started the process.

The training is broad in scope with many modules for a host of positions. The introductory courses acquaint one with the concepts and principles of the National Response Framework. This helps expedite communication between all the various entities involved in a crisis. In other words, this helps all those making decisions to, as it were, all speak the same language. The advanced courses focus upon more specific positions such as Incident Commander, Public Relations Office, and Safety Officer.

Petri, a retired military and life-long law enforcement officer, related some experiences the city might face and the need for the council to be ready to forward the city’s interests.

In other business, the next regularly scheduled meeting was cancelled because of the upcoming election. The council will meet again on Nov. 18, when the new officers will be sworn in.

Councilwoman Sandra Fails commented that the city park was getting some use and she heard some complements. Councilwoman Gail Williams resonated the same with the tennis courts.

All the other regular business items were passed without much ado, including the previous minutes and the financials of the city and Chester Gas Company.




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