Woodville ISD Board reviews goals, property values

by LeAnn Monk

"I know I'm out of order," stated Trey Allison, President of the Woodville ISD School Board, " But I would like to read the Board Goals before we proceed with this meeting. I feel they should be read at least once a quarter to remind us of why we are here and to help direct us in making our decisions." This statement was made at the school board meeting held on Monday, March 19. "Goal 1: Student Achievement- Woodville ISD will focus on STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) and EOC (End of Course) preparation. WISD students will score above the aggregate average of like districts for all tests, as well as above like district averages in all tested areas. WISD will strive to assure that 100 percent of eligible seniors will graduate under current TAKS standards. Woodville ISD will continue to increase district-wide academic performance," read Allison. He went on to say how important it was for the board to keep these goals in mind as they made decisions concerning the district and its students. For a full set of the Board goals, you can contact the WISD Administration Office.

Representatives from the firm Moak, Casey & Associates from Austin, were at the board meeting to discuss necessary action on the pending application the district has for a Chapter 313 Appraised Value Limitation on qualified property. According to Glenn Conner, Superintendent of the District, Woodville ISD would like to submit a completed application for approval to the Texas State Comptroller for appraised value limitation on qualified property. The Chapter 313 is an optional program applicable to school districts only and is set in place to help promote economic development. The basic concept is to allow a ten-year tax relief program for qualified properties. For the first two years the property would be fully taxed. However, during years three through 10, the property would receive a tax break. Eligible projects for this program would be new buildings and business personal property with a value limit ranging from one million to $100 million. These projects must be related to manufacturing, research and development, clean coal, gasification for a coal biomass mixture, renewable electric generation, or nuclear power; and these projects must create at least 10 new permanent jobs. "Basically it's an incentive for new companies, like East Texas Electric Coop and German Pellet Texas, to come in to our county or district. And there is no risk to the school," said Conner. After hearing the update from the firm, the board voted to submit the completed application to the state Comptroller.

Also visiting the members of the School Board was Jenny Grissom. Grissom is a HOSA State Qualifier, having been a finalist in the Health Care Issues Exam. Out of all of the students competing only 10 students advanced in the exam competition to State. Speaking to Grissom, Allison stated, "We are proud of how you represented Woodville ISD". Brook Brown, and AJ Foust also competed in the HOSA competition and are advancing to State in their respective contests as well.

During discussion on the financial statement, Cody Jarrott, from the district's business office advised the board it was time to set a date for the budget workshops. "We need to get an idea of where we are. We have to define what operations are," said Jarrott. "We are going to face challenges we haven't faced before," stated Conner. He went on to explain the district will experience those challenges due new changes by the State Legislature on values to the mineral accounts in the county.

During the Superintendent's Report, Conner reported to the Board the renovations on the music room were finished. He also told the Board construction on the new softball/baseball practice facility should be underway soon. He told the Board they would have to start thinking about replacing the water damage to the roof of the Kirby Gym and the middle school P.E. gym. "We have struggled with our security cameras for a long time," stated the superintendent. He advised the board he was looking into some possible upgrades using current equipment. "They are just good to have," he said. Conner then went over upcoming events happening around the WISD campuses. He pointed out the STAAR testing would be held on March 27 – 28, and April 24 – 27. The WISD campus is also the host of the annual Dogwood Pageant held in the amphitheater on April 7.

WISD Board Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. The next meeting will be April 16, at 7:00 pm.

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