updated 9:25 PM UTC, Jul 2, 2020

City of Chester grants employee raises



By Michael G. Maness

CHESTER – The City of Chester voted to give a five percent raise to all its employees at its city council meeting on Monday evening, June 3.

After some discussion, Councilwoman Sandra Fails mentioned several cities surrounding Tyler County were struggling to compensate competitively. Mayor Floyd Petri opened discussion after City Secretary Annette Hickman outlined how long ago they had seen a raise. Councilwoman Jeannie Johnson proposed the five percent, and a majority approved.

During the month, Petri heard several concerns about dogs threatening citizens. Research turned up an old ordinance passed in 1990 under the term of MayorBryan Davis, Ordinance #115, which specifically spelled out that loose dogs “will be impounded” and violators “prosecuted,” with convictions resulting in a fine. Petri had the council’s encouragement to update, and Petri said he would get with their constable and justice of the peace on enforcement options.

The high-resolution security cameras were up and running, thanks largely to the initiative of Constable John Fuller who first offered to pay half the cost. In consultation with Fuller, Public Works Director Dale Clamon, and Tyler County Sheriff’s Deputy Donald Calhoun, the latter helping to install, the city was glad for this upgrade in security. “Even if the cameras are tampered with,” said Clamon, the system will know and “automatically back up and store” what was done prior to any damage.

Dalton Woodrome was hired by the city to be a public work assistant to Clamon on the city water and Chester Gas Company maintenances.
The past due accounts were in better shape than usual. The city park will be getting some lights fixed and some new playground upgrades.

The minutes from the previous meeting and the financials were approved with little ado, and the new Chester Gas Company budget was approved, roughly the same as the year before.




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