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Ivanhoe Council meets in new building

by Emily Waldrep

Ivanhoe held its monthly city council meeting in the new city hall building on October 10 at 7 p.m.

C.D. Woodrome reviewed the budget for the fiscal year, and a small adjustment was made to the upcoming budget to include proposed changes for 2014.

"We still have an expense on the Camelot Dam flood control project and also the additional bills that we'll incur in the last quarter of the city's budget year that have not yet been processed through," Woodrome said.

Money spent on the new city hall building and the move to that building were also discussed.

"As you will see, the Project Fund took the $10,000 initial payment on the city hall facility," Woodrome said. "The other items that were involved in the process of the move and getting things ready here was pulled from the Contingency/Miscellaneous items fund. You'll see that $4,976.67 in this months expense line item."

Ivanhoe also received a report from the Supervisor of Dams, who reported that the construction on the dam had been finished and that after the overflow was capped, the lake would be filled again. APAC was contracted to do the work on the dam, and the job was completed quickly and without any injuries.

The berm on the helo-pad end of Galihad is also beginning to grow ryegrass, helping to clean up the appearance of the berm.

In other business, according to Councilman Morris, there were a total of 37 criminal calls in Ivanhoe during the month, including five disturbances, two criminal mischief, six burglaries and several welfare concerns. One of the other things Morris noted is that six calls were on Pergalot Street, and so security may be increased on that street in the coming months.
Ivanhoe also adopted an investment policy, as required by the state.

"It's a big deal, a lot of the bigger cities are doing it," said Mayor Jack Brockhouse. "Our policy is very basic right now because to my knowledge we aren't planning to get any investments because our funds are mean as it is and we can't afford to take any chances. But, this does have to be in place."

The council also had the second reading of two ordinances that were reworded to make the ordinances enforceable.

Mayor Brockhouse also discussed the strategy for lowering the water rate for Ivanhoe.
"Basically, we (Coalition of Cities) are going on the offense instead of being on defense this time," Brockhouse said. "What is going to happen is we are going to pass an ordinance to set the rate and deny their rate - and set a lower rate as prescribed by law. They will have to repeal it and go before a judge and so forth. The intent is to delay this until September, at which time any cases pending under the TCEQ will automatically be under an entirely different set of rules."

No action was taken on controlling the water rate, which is an ongoing struggle for the City of Ivanhoe.




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