updated 9:22 PM UTC, Jul 8, 2020

Commissioners Court Approves New Safety Window

by Tina S. Richards

Tyler County's Commissioners Court assembled for regularly scheduled monthly meetings on Monday, July 8, and Friday, July 12. The agendas included the usual monthly reports and budget items plus several county board appointments, safety issues at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) offices, and taking action on a recent request for more Medicaid beds.

Pastor Don Rigsby of Moss Hill Missionary Baptist Church, located on F.M. 3550, opened the Court's Monday proceedings with an invocation, while Commissioner Mike Marshall led the Court in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. Included in the audience on Monday were a number of area high school students who had participated in either the Courthouse Internship Program or the Sheriff Department's Internship Program. They were there to see a branch of our local government in action.

Commissioner Nash petitioned the Court and received approval for a security window to be installed in the receptionist's area of the DPS offices. The new window will include a slide-out drawer and a two-way speaker device versus the fully-sliding window currently installed. The new window will hopefully prevent irate customers from being able to get up close and personal with the office's receptionist. It seems there have been some recent cases of customers forgetting that the receptionist was strictly the deliverer of bad news and not the source.

Dr. Susan Wright was re-appointed to the Burke Center's Board of Trustees for another two years. Kenneth Lewis was appointed to Emergency Service District #6's Board to replace Mark McKinney, who recently resigned. Congratulate and thank these people for their service the next time you see them. They are just a few of the many who keep our county running smoothly.

Constable Dale Freeman delivered the latest quarterly report for the County's constables. The constables jointly served 103 papers and collected approximately $8,200 in revenue.

Recently, the court was petitioned by Sweet Neches Properties and Associates to request the addition of a number of nursing home beds through the State Medicaid Program. The purpose of the beds would have been to enable Sweet Neches Properties to build a new nursing home facility in Tyler County. In response to the request the Court convened a well attended, special session on April 11 to receive both pro and con comments from the community. After several months of discussions and

In other actions the court approved the 2014 Tax Appraisal budget. They also approved a joint agreement between the county and Sam Houston Electric (SHECO) which allows SHECO to use the Tyler County Fairgrounds as a staging site for any contract workers hired to work for SHECO in the event of a disaster.

The next regularly scheduled meeting for the Commissioners' Court will be Monday, August 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM and Friday, August 13, 2013 at 8:30 a.m.




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