updated 9:22 PM UTC, Jul 8, 2020

Entergy demonstrates new Infrared Technology in Woodville

by Emily Waldrep

Entergy Texas has recently gained some new technology that will provide a huge benefit to Entergy customers in Tyler County. The company purchased several new infrared cameras that will be used to detect heat in transformers, substations and electrical connections.

Mic Cowart and Steve Moore held a presentation on the new cameras in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Tuesday, June 19 and demonstrated the benefits of the new infrared technology.

"We will use these cameras to basically detect hot spots in a transformer or substation and we can even see these hot spots on power lines" said Moore. "Too much heat could indicate a problem, and with these cameras we can identify the problem before there is an outage."

Entergy currently has about 45 infrared cameras in use across the state, and use the technology at all levels of the company. They can assist in surveying power lines, checking equipment in substations and taking close looks at high voltage transmission systems.

"We use every practical tool we can to help us keep the lights on for our customers," said Steve Moore, serviceman for Entergy Texas, Inc. "With the incredible kinds of technology available today, including these specialty cameras, we are able to safely take a look at different pieces of our infrastructure and find out whether something may be about to go wrong."

Entergy has already begun to survey lines in Tyler County and plans to survey distribution power lines 568 out of Doucette, 570 out of Doucette, 592 out of Warren and 594 out of Woodville.

This technology will help detect problems before they arise, and help prevent numerous outages for Tyler County residents.




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