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Three Guys Eating week four: Gigi's - Gi-Luxe burgers

3 guys eating


Finally, we get to Gigi’s and taste the Gi-luxe burger. Laura mostly missed us and went east to Louisiana and things returned to mostly normal in Tyler County. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those folks hit by Hurricane Laura and we have some of our people headed your way to help. While we were thinking of the folks there, Caleb, Chris and I finally made it to Gigi’s and were very excited to hit the Village Mills area.

Located on 69/287 South right next to W O’s Tavern, I’ve driven by Gigi’s for a while now. I have stopped to eat and the food was good so getting an opportunity to try the burgers had our mouths watering. Chris, as you may know, is also a musician and has regaled the folks at WO’s with tunes in the past.

He said he often had wished Gigi’s was open so he could sample their food prior to playing. Well Chris, they are granting your wish. Starting next week they will be opened on Friday and Saturday late so you can pick up the food and step over for tunes. We started this out looking at the Cheeseburger (Homestyle) and then moved to the Gi-luxe. The homestyle weighed in at 12 ounces pretty much in line with the others we have tried. The taste was excellent on the Homestyle and I rated it 4 burgers with Chris and Caleb coming in with a 4 as well.

gigi hsCALEB FORTENBERRY | TCB Gigi homestyle burger

We all agreed this burger was like you would make at home and as Chris pointed out a little better. Texture of the burger was excellent as the bun was toasted just right, the patty cooked to juicy tenderness without having the greasiness you find in some burgers. The weight of the burger was primarily meat centered as the vegetables were lighter than most places. The tomatoes sliced just right on each burger a little lettuce and some onions that strangely after last time, were a little light for me; however, the taste was a solid 4 all around and the overall rating was 3.61 burgers. It is truly a burger worth the trip to Village Mills. Now we brought out the massive and unique Gi-Luxe Burger. This is a burger worthy of the title Specialty. Gigi has several unique offerings but the Gi-luxe is the king of the house. Like most kings it wears a nice crown, this one happens to be an inverted onion riing filled with Philly cheesesteak.


Sound a little strange to you? Well I encourage you to come down and try one for yourself. The really amazing thing is the lack of greasiness with the cheese steak. I am not sure how they mange it, but the balance of flavor and juciness blends well with the burger to form a unique experience. Even though Chris and I offered assistance Caleb was so impressed he ate the whole burger even after his homestyle. The overall rating of the Gi-luxe was a 4.13 Burgers on a 5 burger scale. The price is a little higher than some and that kept this burger from rocketing to the top. The sourdough bun ads a touch of sweet that plays well with the flavors. Like always we encourage you to come to Gigi’s and sample for yourself.

All of these stops will be open to the title of Best Burger in Tyler County 2020. You will be the ones to decide. Next week we head to Magnolia Bar and Grill to sample another burger offering. Tyler County, you should be proud of the quality burgers you have from which to choose. See y’all next week with the review of Magnolia Bar and Grill. Don’t forget to like the Tyler County Bosster on facebook and watch Three Guys Eating , share the videos and give us a little feedback.

If you have been here or any of the locations we have tried feel free to drop a comment to let us know what you think. We always have a good time and look forward to sharing our thoughts on food. Remember COVID-19 had decimated some of these businesses and their servers, so tip generously and come on out and try the best food in the county.




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