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Our Voices, Our Votes, Our Victories

Black History Month Featured Writer

by Kendall Coleman

While it is common for black history to focus on the historians of our yesterday, I am led to empower the readers to become the history makers of our tomorrows. Our Voices, Our Votes, and Our Victories can be traced throughout the years of history from the resounding words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that of the Civil Rights Movement that led to our voting rights, to the victory of the first black president Barack H. Obama.

Kendell ColemanKendell ColemanWhile Black History is encompassed in the 28 days of February, be not dismayed; Black History is 365 days as each of us rises from our places and positions of life everyday. We become an effective people when Our Voices, Our Votes, and Our Victories are displayed daily. Our Voices must continue to be vocal in issues that matter. We must never go silent in life whenever we are called to respond to community action, even in our own neighborhoods.

Critics have accused me of being the neighborhood snitch, and as I think about the stand against violence and drug dealing that affects so many innocent lives and kills the hope of the next generation, I will gladly accept the title of snitch in letting anyone know that their bad behavior isn't welcome in my hood!

We move from Our Voices to Our Votes. A voteless people becomes a hopeless people, and with that said, you cannot complain if you aren't willing to vote. Voting in past history was so important that many fought oppression and lost their lives so we could vote. So now that we have the right to vote, remaining an unregistered voter is not acceptable. As we approach a primary and change in major positions locally, it is urgent that we hear from the candidates as they outline their agendas. The description of their campaign is essential to the future of our community. We have to charge any elected official with the responsibility of being fair to all people and hold them accountable to their words. Trust me when I say a hand-picked politician only works for those that picked them. As Our Voice can change this matter; it is Our Vote that will make the ultimate difference. In conclusion, Our Victories are won when we have made Our Voice and Our Vote active. Our Victories are highlighted when people are empowered to be more daily.
We have witnessed through generations of the past that Our Victories are seen through our movement of faith. We come along way by faith, and faith without work is dead. Allow the faith of the past to awaken our spirits to reach mankind and bring them up from the slumps of yesterday and be active citizens for tomorrow.

There's a business that has your name on it, so push through the hardship of life and open the doors to entrepreneurship. There's an education for your child that will require others to refer to them as the future Dr. Adams or Dr. Hale, so challenge their education process so that it is above standard. There's a downcast person with a defeated spirit that needs your inspiration of victory, so instead of being the critic of yesterday be their hope for tomorrow.

As we move to become a people with A Voice, A Vote, and A Victory we have the opportunity to expand Black History and be the historians that others will read about. Thanks and May God Bless You All!




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