Warriors conquer the Panthers

WarrenDSC_0731by Mitchell McCluskey

On January 27, the Warren Varsity boys' basketball team played in a crucial game against Anahuac. Throughout the game, the Warriors performed excellently and finished with a solid win against the Panthers.

Anahuac was the first to be put on the scoreboard via a pre-game technical foul against the Warriors; however Warren was quick to turn it around with Jacob Blackshear and Kolton Perfect both making shots for their team. The team then initiated a powerful attack against the Panthers with Bryce Glosson and Jacob Jensen adding to the score. Anahuac threw in a few shots, but was not capable of taking on their opponents, who rounded off the first quarter with an impressive score at 15-4.

The Warriors continued their tour de force with a relentless onslaught against the Panthers. Blackshear led the way, scoring 8 points himself. Jensen and Glosson also accumulated a number of points for the team. Anahuac pushed even harder this quarter and their work paid off as they made a significant approach toward Warren. Despite their labors, the Warriors continued to take this one home with a score at 34-17, with only two quarters remaining.

The Panthers realized that they would have to work harder than ever in order to prove successful, but Warren found fault in their plan with their unwillingness to budge. Just as before, the team worked as a whole and collectively made multiple goals to keep them a comfortable distance away from their opponents. Dresden Chatman and Tyler Conner both added to the end score of 60-32.

The last quarter arrived with the Warriors in a secure lead. However, they worked just as hard to defend their position as they did to get there. Conner supplemented a total of 13 points to the already steady score, which all but guaranteed their victory, which came shortly; the score ended at 75-44.

The Warriors compete against Kountze on February 7, the game will be at home and will commence at 7:30 p.m. Only the varsity will play.

The Lady Warriors will also play against Kountze on February 7. This will be the final game for the team and will honor the senior members. The game will begin at 6 p.m. and will be at home.

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