Spurger Varsity Baseball Competes in Evadale tournament

Austin Ross slides into home plate during the last inning of the Pirates game against Hull Emily Waldrep

The Spurger Pirates Varsity baseball team competed in the Evadale tournament on March 1 and 2 and came away with two losses and one win for their first games of the season. The tournament started off with one game on Thursday against Evadale, which they lost 3-17. The second game began on Friday morning, and Spurger fell behind 0-6 against Anahuac. Although they lost the first two games of the season, the Pirates never forgot that they hadn't been playing or practicing baseball as long as most of the other teams in their district, and didn't let the losses get them down. In the third game of the tournament they played as a team to pull off a win against Hull Daisetta on Friday.

The top of the first inning, Hull Daisetta came out swinging and managed to score a 6 points before the Pirates could strike them out.

The game started out with Hunter Smith hitting a single, and stealing first and second base. Brett Bussel then hit a double that brought Smith into home for the first point for the Pirates Bussel managed to steal third base, but the follow up batters struck out at the plate, ending the first inning with a score of 1-6 with the Pirates behind.

Hull Daisetta hit two pop flies in the top of the second inning, and struck out swinging to make three outs and no score.

In the bottom of the second inning, John Smart hit a double, and then stole third base and home, bringing the score to 2-6. Caleb Lebouf and Thomas Martin struck out, but Austin Ross managed to run home during the last play of the game. At the beginning of the third inning, the score stood at 3-6.

Hull Daisetta struggled to make good hits in the top of the third, and got three outs after only four batters went up to the plate.

Laurent hit a single and stole second in the bottom of the third, and Cody Winkle hit him into home. The score was now 4-6 and Hull Daisetta were loosing their gap.

Hull came back in the top of the fourth and scored two more runs, widening the gap again to 4-8.

The, Hunter Smith hit a double and stole third in the bottom of the fourth inning, and Aaron Ford hit a double that ran Smith into home. Ford also made it home off of a hit by Laurent. During the last play of the game, Austin Ross hit a triple and stole home to bring the score to a close 7-8.

Since the game was a tournament game, it had a time limit and could only last two hours, so the teams could only play until the fifth inning. Hull Daisetta went up to bat one last time and managed to gain three runs. Those runs brought the score to 7-11, and it looked like the Pirates wouldn't be able to pull off a win. But, the boys came out in the bottom of the fifth inning ready to play, and fighting to take the win. Caleb Lebouf and Austin Ross both started off by making great hits and getting on base, and Thomas Martin stepped up to the plate and hit a perfect line drive to center field that brought Ross and Lebouf home and brought he score up to 9-11. Hunter Smith smashed a ball into left field and brought home Martin, stole 2nd base, and then got hit into home by Aaron Ford, tying the game at 11-11. The two hour time limit for the game was quickly coming to an end, and the only man on base was Aaron Ford, who stole all three bases and ran into home to win the game during the very last play of the game.

The boys were extremely happy that they came back and won the game, and are looking forward to the rest of the regular season, and games without time limits.

Be sure to catch the Pirates next game at home against High Island at 4:00p.m.

Lady Dogs Place Second In West Sabine Tournament

The Lady Dogs celebrate during the West Sabine Julia Barnes

Lady Dogs Softball

The Colmesneil Lady Dogs Softball team is looking great this year. The team consists of four seniors: Dakota Pentecost, #6; Elizabeth Bryan, #8; Stormy Thompson, #7; and Jaymee Broussard, # 2; six juniors: Allie Monk, # 11; Ali Harvey, # 53; Olivia Spradlin, #3; Gwyn Heckman, #10; Kristi James, #9; and Natalie Moffet, #14; six sophomores: Kalyn Byerly, #1; Kara Standley, #13; Lara McMillian, #24; Kimberly Knighten, #30; Magen Allen, #25; and Emilee Best, #5; and one freshman: Treasure Jackson, #4. They competed for the first time this season in the West Sabine Tournament last weekend and placed second. The team beat Broaddus, West Sabine's junior varsity twice, and Big Sandy.

The Lady Dogs will play their next game on Friday, March 2 in Colmesneil against Warren. There will be both a junior varsity and varsity game, and the games will begin at 5 p.m. They will then play on Tuesday, March 6 for their first District game. The team will be playing in West Sabine at 5 p.m.

Bulldogs Baseball

The Bulldogs competed in the Kountze Tournament last weekend and placed third. They will play in the Evadale Tournament on March 1, March 2, and March 3. It is varsity only and the game times are TBA.

Tuesday, March 6 is open for the Bulldogs, so their next game will be on March 9 in Broaddus beginning at 4 p.m. This will be the team's first District game and both varsity and junior varsity will be competing.

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Woodville Forfeits To Warren - Friendly Rivalry Ends In Brawl

by Kelli Barnes

Neighbors and school rivals, varsity baseball teams from Woodville and Warren faced off for the first time this season at Hennigan Park in Woodville. The Friday night game was part of the Woodville varsity baseball tournament going on this weekend. The tournament is also a fundraiser for Woodville Volunteer Fire Department.

The game started at 7:30 p.m. with Warren batting first. Woodville had two batters out in the first inning when the game was delayed due to lightning. At approximately 8:30 p.m. the game resumed play. Woodville scored first with four runs. Warren came back, getting four runs of their own and adding another five, making the score 9-4. Later, Woodville scored another three, bringing the score to 9-7.

The atmosphere in the stands and on the field was typical for rival teams enjoying a close game with a lot of action. Woodville tied the game 9-9 near the end of the time limit. The Warriors fought to get the Eagles out of the final inning scoreless. Woodville had a man on first with two outs when the Warrior pitcher threw a curve ball, hitting the Woodville batter in the helmet. Instead of taking first base, the Woodville batter ran to the Warren pitcher, attacking him. This action caused several players from both teams to leave their dugouts and storm the pitchers' mound. Spectators witnessed a brawl that was quickly ended by coaches from both teams.

Everyone waited anxiously in the stands while players and coaches met on the field with their respective teams. Within minutes, a Woodville Eagles coach crossed the field to the Warren team, offering a handshake to the Warren coach and forfeiting the game.

The tournament will continue Saturday. It is uncertain what will happen to the Woodville player who started the incident, but it is unfortunate one player ruined a good game between friendly rivals.

Warriors Beat Burkeville 11-1

Warrens’ Bryce Glosson swings at the Mitchell McCluskey

The Warren Varsity baseball team competed against the Burkeville Mustangs in an impressive home game on February 27. Prior to the game, the Warriors had a season record of 4 wins and one loss.

The Warriors started in the field with Gage Gresham pitching and Chase Foxworth catching. Gresham walked one player, struck out one, and pitched hits to two players. Shortstop Bryce Glosson put two of the outs for the team before Gresham struck the last player out. The Warriors then were up to bat. The Burkeville pitcher walked a total of 7 players and provided hits to 4. Dylan Watts was walked on the bases and stole second, third, and home to give the Warriors their first point. Kyle Adams was also sent home from a hit by Brandon Choate. The first inning ended with Warren in the lead at 6-1.

The home team returned to fielding, where Gresham struck out two batters, and Foxworth supplied the final out for the Mustangs. Austin Philips came up to bat, but was walked by the pitcher. He then made his way around the bases before coming in for a point. Adams knocked out a hit, but was quickly halted at the first base. With a caught pop fly from Chase Gray, the second inning came to a close with the score at 7-1. The Mustangs' batting in the third inning was brief, as Gresham demonstrated his skill by striking out the first three batters. The Warriors saw more success as Watts and Foxworth both had hits. Foxworth hit in Dylan Brocato, putting the score at 8-1, ending the third inning.

Burkeville had two players walked and one hit in the fourth inning. Despite their ability to get on the bases, they were quickly put out by Warren players. The Warriors had two players hit, starting with Philips who launched out a pop fly caught by an opponent. Adams then made up for the out and swung in a double; however, nobody made it to the home plate within the fourth inning. The fifth inning started with Adams now working as the pitcher. He pitched admirably, throwing one hit and striking out three. Watts came up to bat and slammed in a triple, bringing in Brocato. Glosson and Philips also hit in two more points before the game came to a close, the Warriors being ten points ahead of Burkeville with the score at 11-1.

The Warriors will play their next game on March 5 against Deweyville. The game will be at home and will begin at 6:30 p.m. This will be the first district game for the Warriors. The Lady Warriors will play a home game on March 2 against Colmesneil. The game will begin at 5 p.m.

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Woodville Baseball Scores Win

Jessica Bronstad goes to bat for the Woodville varsity softball team against LCM on February Debby Harrison

Varsty Baseball

On Monday, February 20 the Woodville Varsity baseball team defeated the Diboll Lumberjacks at Hennigan Park by a score of 2-1. Trent Daniels got the win, pitching all seven innings. Grant Bullock, Torin Hickman, Trent Daniels, Shane Gray, and Beau Burleson all made hits during the game. The Eagle defense played an error-free baseball game.

On Saturday, February 25 the Woodville Varsity baseball team won a pair of games against the Deweyville Pirates. In game one, Woodville won 7-0 in another complete game victory by Torin Hickman. Hits came from Grant Bullock, Trent Daniels, and Torin Hickman.

Game two of the day was also an Eagles win with a score of 8-2 with Chase Hensarling getting the win on the mound, assisted by Charles Fentress. Hitters for Woodville in game two were Beau Burleson, Trent Daniels, Colby Dungan, Torin Hickman, and Chase Hensarling.

During the weekend of March 1-3, the Eagles will host the Woodville Baseball Classic sponsored by the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department. Games begin at 10 a.m. each day with Woodville playing their first game Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Everyone, come out to cheer on the local team.

Varsity Tennis

The Woodville Varsity tennis team had another good showing in last week's Orange County Tennis Tournament. The tournament was played at Vidor, Orangefield and Bridge City High Schools. The girls' singles and doubles were played in Vidor while the boys' singles were played in Bridge City and the boys' doubles played in Orangefield.

The Eagles played tennis, not only against their opponents, but also against gusty winds and cool temperatures. At the tournament were some very tough opponents from 3A, 4A and 5A schools. Warren and Woodville were the only 2A schools in the tournament. After everything was said and done, the Woodville Eagles used their rackets as their weapons and came away with both wins and losses.

Sean O'Neal once again played tough in the boys' singles division beating A. Fracosstoro from LCM in the first round with a score of 6-2, 6-2. He faced the #1 seeded player in the singles division, Paul Rios from P.N.G and again, O'Neal was able to take advantage of his tennis arsenal, coming out victorious with a score of 6-2, 6-2, advancing O'Neal to the semifinal round. Here he met Jacob Rowe from Kirbyville where Sean could not put his shots together and lost by a score of 6-0, 6-2.

Austin Coker and B.J. Hutto were the #2 seeded players in the boys' doubles division, drawing a bye in the first round. In the second round, they faced the powerful #1 team from Port Arthur Memorial High School. After several hard exchanges of forehands and backhands, Coker and Hutto came out on top with a 8-5 win. This match put Coker & Hutto in the semifinals where they fought hard against a very tough Bridge City High School duo but fell short with scores of 4-6, 3-6.

The other Woodville boys' doubles team of Adrian Baeza and Justin Releford faced hard opponents from West Orange Stark and lost by scores of 2-6, 2-6.

Destiny Hadnot and Hannah Williams represented the Eagles in the girls' singles. Hadnot lost to Erin Tutt from LCM 2-8 while Williams also lost to Memorial's Jelissa Bob with the same results: 2-8.

The girls' doubles team of Jenny Grissom and Kristen Swafford played against Buna's # 1 doubles team of Meagan Gilschrist and Casey Myers. The Lady Eagles easily won with a score of 8-2. The quarter finals were much tougher since there they met the tournament's # 1 seeded players, Katelyn Alexander and Kolbie Kruft from Silsbee. The Lady Eagles went back and forth for a while, staying up with the Silsbee duo but, in the end, Silsbee came out on top with a score of 8-4.

In preparation for the District 22-2A Tournament to be played here in Woodville during our upcoming Spring Break, the Eagles tennis teams (Varsity and Junior Varsity) will play this coming Friday in the Ozen High School Invitational Tournament in Beaumont. The Eagles are anticipating another good showing in this tournament.

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Pirates Fall Out Of Playoffs

The Spurger Pirate Cheerleaders that have encouraged the team all Emily Waldrep

The Pirates fell out of play-offs on Tuesday, February 21 when they faced Wells in their first official playoff game of the season. The boys played hard and had a good game, but were no match against the size and speed of the large team from Wells. The game ended with a score of 52-84.

The fans and community had some great things to say about the boys and continued to offer their undying support, even after the season had ended.

"We are so proud of these young men," one fan said. "They have worked hard all season, worked as a team, and have shown everyone what they have. I know I'm impressed."

The town of Spurger thanks Coach Odom and both the Spurger Pirates girls' and boys' basketball teams for a great and successful season.


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