Spurger Pirates Snag 3rd Place In District

by Emily Waldrep

The Spurger Pirates defeated the Legget Mustangs in a close game on Tuesday, February 7. The game determined which team would take the 3rd place spot in playoffs this year, and was a very important game to the team, coaches and fans.

The first quarter started out with the pirates leading five to two. It looked like an easy win for the boys, until Legget quickly tied up the score at five to five with one minute left in the game. Leggett's defense did a great job of throwing off the Pirates rhythm throughout the game, and Spurger didn't make another basket until the last few seconds of the game when Hunter Smith sunk a layup, bringing the score to seven to five at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began with the Pirates quickly making a basket within the first few seconds to tie up the game seven to seven. As the quarter went on, every basket that Leggett made, Spurger responded by making one of their own and the score stayed tied until the end of the second quarter. The boys went into half time with a score of 13-13.

After halftime the game continued to stay extremely close as both teams fought for a spot in district playoffs. Luke McLeod opened the 3rd quarter by making a two point shot that put the Pirates in the lead 15-13. But, the third quarter went exactly the same as the second, and Leggett wouldn't allow the Pirates to get ahead. The score was tied at 17-17 with six minutes remaining and 24-24 with five minutes remaining. After the five-minute mark in the third quarter, the boys began to come back. Nathan Sheffield scored five unanswered points, putting the pirates in the lead 28-24.

The fourth quarter was a fight to the finish as both teams wanted that 3rd place district spot. Aaron Ford, Colyn Walding, and Luke McLeod all put points up on the board that allowed the Pirates to hold their first place spot. With only two minutes left in the game, the Pirates led 38-32. But Leggett wasn't going to give up. The Mustangs sunk a three point shot with only seconds left in the game, and the fight was back on. They only needed one more three pointer to tie up the game into overtime and the Mustangs went for the shot, but fouled in the process and the Pirates got the ball. Then, another foul on the Mustangs part allowed Hunter Smith to shoot the last shot of the game, a free throw with three seconds left on the clock that leveled to score to 35-39, making it impossible for the Mustangs to bring the game into overtime.

High scorers of the game were Luke McLeod with 13 points and six assist, Colyn Walding with 10 rebounds, two steals and four points, Cody Winkle with six points, and Nathan Sheffield with seven points, one steal and one block.

Coach Odom was proud of his team and his player, and praised the whole team for the win.

"Hunter Smith played well defensively and attacked the basket well on offense. He sank the free throw that put us ahead by four with under a minute remaining. Cody Winkle came of the bench and provided a spark to our offense with his two three pointers in the 3rd quarter. Our offense was really sluggish, so we needed those baskets. Luke McLeod led all scorers in the game with his 13 points. He really kept us in the game with his steady play at guard."

Spurger is now 3rd place in district, and their next game will be against Chester at home on Friday, January 10.

Yellowjacket girls defeat Lady Cards 30-22

by Bethany Bruce

The Chester Yellowjackets played great games against High Island Friday night, February 3. The girls defeated the Lady Cards with a final score of 30 to 22.Timber Wright was the high scorer of the game with a total of 26 points.

The guys played their best game of the season against the Cardinals giving it their all. Unfortunately they fell short with a final score of Chester 24 to High Island's 52. Keaton Whitworth was the top scorer for the boys, scoring nine points in all.

The girls finished their season Tuesday night and the close match-ups against Spurger resulted in the Lady Jackets just falling short of the last playoff spot. The Varsity boys will be playing this Friday, February 10, in Spurger, starting at 6 p.m. Their last game will be Tuesday, February 14, also starting at 6 p.m.

The Jackets are very grateful for all the support their fans have given them this season. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lady Warriors play last away game

Haley Roach runs with the Mitchell McCluskey

The Lady Warriors competed against the Hardin Hornets on January 31, but despite their solid efforts, the Hornets finished triumphantly. This was the Lady Warriors' last away game and their second to last game of the season.

Hardin began scoring in the first quarter; however, junior Brenna Johnson quickly put her team onto the scoreboard. The Hornets continued with their streak, but Johnson yet again broke past them to throw in a well-needed three-pointer. Freshman Bergandie Conner was also able to put in a goal for the team. However, their defense did not faze the home team, who never faltered in their strong playing. Senior Meagan McCluskey shot for the Warriors right before the quarter ended at 18-9.

Both teams violently fought for possession of the basketball at the opening of the second quarter. Junior Kaelin Miller put in a good effort for her team as they pushed their hardest to score. Senior Jordan Spivey also demonstrated her determination as she scored one for the Lady Warriors. Hardin kept their attacks steady and scored six times throughout the quarter. By the end, the score was at 30-11, the Lady Warriors trailing behind.

Time was beginning to run short for Warren as the third quarter came along. The Hornets aggressively upped their game and rapidly shot goals. The Lady Warriors were forced to increase their effort as well, in order to keep up. McCluskey and Miller both made goals for the Lady Warriors, as the end approached. Freshman Mollie Applewhite snuck one in, but time was quickly running out. Freshman Haleigh Broucher scored last before the buzzer signaled the end of the quarter; the score was 45-17.

The last quarter arrived and the Lady Warriors were down by almost 30 points. Despite the unlikely odds, Warren showed no signs of throwing in the towel. To the contrary, they fought more viciously than ever to beat their opponents. McCluskey threw in one final goal for her team before the game wrapped up, and the Hornets celebrated their victory.

The Lady Warriors' final game against Kountze was scheduled for February 7 at 6 p.m. (report next week). Only the Varsity team was scheduled to play this home game.

The boys' basketball teams still have two more games ahead of them. Only the Varsity was scheduled to play at home on February 7 against Kountze beginning at 7:30 p.m. (report next week).

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Eagles soar into District Playoffs

Woodville's Chris Castle goes for the goal while teammate Kris Traylor looks Debby Harrison-

Seventh Grade Boys Basketball

The Woodville seventh grade boys' A team had a big win Thursday night, February 2, against the Corrigan Bulldogs, where the 45-7 victory locked up a district championship for the Eagles with one game remaining against Central Heights. These Middle School Eagles have set another team goal of an undefeated season as they travel to Central Heights on Thursday, February 9, starting at 4:30 p.m., striving for a zero in the loss column for the season.

High School Girls Basketball

The Lady Eagles split games this week. They traveled to Central Heights on Tuesday, January 31 and lost 46-33. The girls played hard and had the game cut to six points with about three minutes to go, but just couldn't close the gap. Scorers were TK Barlow with eight points; Morgan Powell with six points; JuLisa Williams with five points; Jasmine Spears, Mia Barlow, Sarah Reese, and Shaniqua Barlow with two each.

On Friday, February 3, the girls picked up a win at home on Senior Night by defeating Woden by a score of 44-32. The win guaranteed the girls a play-off spot. "I felt that we struggled at times offensively,' said Coach Troy Carrell, "but really picked it up on the defensive side."

Woodville held Woden to just nine points at the half. Scorers for the lady Eagles were Mia Barlow with 12 points; JuLisa Williams with 10 points; Jasmine Spears and Destiny Gill with seven each; and Shaniqua Barlow, Sarah Reese, Katie Watts, and TK Barlow with two each.

The girls were to close out district play on Tuesday evening, February 7 at San Augustine. According to Coach Carrel, "If we win there, we will be tied for second place in the district." Good luck, Lady Eagles!

Eighth Grade Boys Basketball

The Woodville Eagles eighth grade boys' A team was defeated by the Corrigan Camden Bulldogs last Thursday night by a score of 48-24. The Eagles played the Dogs hard the first half, trailing 21-11. After the half, the Bulldogs came out and outmatched the Eagles the rest of the game. The Eagles' next game will be Thursday, February 9 in Central Heights with a tip-off of 4:30 p.m.


The Woodville Varsity tennis team began the 2012 tennis season with a bang! The team played in their first tournament of the year, the "Legacy Hot Chocolate" in Beaumont. The following playing sites were used for the tournament: West Brook High School, Beaumont Country Club and Lamar University. Most schools were 4A and 5A, Woodville being the only 2A school represented.

Sean O'Neal came home with the silver medal in boys' singles. He had wins over Nederland, Vidor, West Brook, Legacy and Bridge City losing a very close final match against PNG.

Both of our girls' doubles teams made it to the semi-finals. Our number one doubles team composed of Jenny Grissom and Kristen Swafford drew a bye in the first round and went on to beat Kirbyville and West Brook before losing a close match to Bridge City.

The number two girls' doubles team of Heather Burkehalter and Octavia Tapia also had a bye in the first round. They went on to win their second and third rounds before losing to Memorial from Port Arthur in the fourth.

The next tournament, the Mid-County Invitational, was postponed until March 16, due to bad weather conditions. That makes the Lamar University High School Invitational the next tournament for Woodville, which will be held this coming Friday, February 10. According to Coach Sergio Ramos, "The Woodville Tennis Eagles are preparing hard and looking forward to another successful outing."

Middle School Girls Basketball

On Thursday, February 2, the Lady Eagles traveled to Corrigan and all seventh and eighth grade teams won. The seventh grade girls won with a score of 25-15 and the eighth grade girls won 26-16. This week will be their last regular season game, hosting Central Height at Woodville on Thursday, February 9, starting at 5 p.m.

Middle School Track

The Woodville Middle School Track teams begin their season by traveling to Newton on Monday, February 27, where field events will begin at 3:30 p.m. Then on Friday, March 2, both the boys and girls teams will travel to Groveton for field events beginning at 3:30 p.m. and both will continue their road trip by traveling to Corrigan on Friday, March 9, for another track meet starting at 3:30 p.m.

On Monday, February 19, the boys team will host a district track meet in Woodville and on Wednesday, February 22, the girls will travel to Hemphill for their district meet.Both meets have a schedule start time of 3:30 p.m.

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Pirates lose to Legget in district play

by Emily Waldrep-

On Friday, February 3, the Spurger varsity boy's basketball team faced the Legget Pirates in one of the last few games of the season. The district game started off slowly, as both teams struggled to make shots and get together as a team. In the middle of the first quarter, the Pirates had only scored 3 points and had only allowed Legget to score four, which is a rarity at Pirate games because the boys usually begin making baskets within the first few seconds of the first quarter. The score slowly crawled to five to eight with only a few seconds left before the second quarter, then a perfect shot from the three-point line by Cody Winkle tied the score up eight to eight at the buzzer.

The game began to move at a faster pace during the second quarter, and Aaron Ford and Hunter Smith both led the Pirates in making baskets. Aaron Ford hit a 3-point shot and a layup, while Hunter Smith sunk two three-point baskets as well as a layup and free throw. Their efforts brought the score at half time to 21-31 with Legget holding the lead by 10 points.

Although the boys were behind, they didn't let the score deter them from fighting for a district win. Although Legget was attacking the basket and slowing widening the gap in the score, the boys continued to hit their shots and free throws. Colyn Walding made a perfect layup at the end of the third quarter to bring the score to 38-55 with Legget ahead.

The fourth quarter began to slow down as both teams lost a lot of steam. Legget was giving up, and the Pirates were exhausted from the fast pace of the game. Neither team scored within the first 2 minutes of the game, until Aaron Ford sunk a basket with five minutes and five seconds left in the last quarter of the game. The fourth quarter was filled with fouls, turnovers and missed baskets by both of the teams, and even though the boys gave it a good effort they lost the game with a score of 52-66.

They gave it a great effort, and the fans and coaches are very proud of the boys season so far. The Pirates only have a few games left, and the next boys game will be on Tuesday, February 7, in Burkeville.

Colmesneil Junior High Basketball

Kaleb Lindsey dodges an opposing player on his way to the goalBy: Julia Barnes

Junior High Girls

The Junior High Lady Dogs have had a great season this year. After Monday's win against Chester, the team is 9-1 on the season. The score ended 36-18 with Taylor Barker leading the team with 23 points, 11 rebounds, and two steals, followed by Sabryn Costellow with nine points and five rebounds; Bayleigh Thedford with two points and four steals; and Alexis Follmar with two points and five steals. "This was a good win for our girls," said Coach Sewell, "They really played well." The Lady Dogs will play their final game on Monday, February 6 against Apple Springs in Colmesneil, beginning at 5 p.m.

Junior High Boys

It's been a pretty good season for the Junior High Bulldogs. The team has had four wins and three losses so far, their toughest loss being against West Sabine. "Our best game was when we played Burkeville," explained team members Tristan Rigsby and Dalton Davis, "They were good competition and we won!" The team will also play their final game on February 6. Good luck Bulldogs and Lady Dogs!

High School Upcoming Events

The varsity Lady Dogs and Bulldogs will play their next games on Friday, February 3. The teams will play in Zavalla beginning at 6 p.m. They will then play at home on Tuesday, February 7 for Senior Night. Both teams will play West Sabine beginning at 6 p.m., and it will be the Lady Dogs' last game. Good Luck varsity!

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