Ivanhoe Animal Shelter Not Doing Great

by Janis Landry
Ivanhoe Property Owner since 1986 

Regarding the article in the booster dated Sept. 20, 2012 entitled Ivanhoe Council hears updates on Animal shelter, hires security officer. The Ivanhoe animal shelter is not doing GREAT. The article was misleading. EVERYONE in the city has not stepped in favor of Pro animal control in Ivanhoe. For instance on 9-14-12, game night in Ivanhoe Mr. McIntyre was escorted out of the bldg. by a citizen of the city to untie a dog that was tethered outside but in the chainlink fence of the shelter in stormy weather with no protection. On 9-5-12 a dog was tied outside the shelter but within the chain link fence. The cable had become entangled around a tree just out of reach of the water bowl. It was 99 degrees at 5:39 pm and the dog only had the shade of the trunk of a tree that it was wrapped around. NO, the animal pound is NOT doing GREAT. I was inside this location located at 405 Emily and the corner of Gwaine at 7:00pm and the odor was so strong that I ask if the 6 animals caged would have to sleep in that environment. I was told that cages would not be cleaned until the am of the next day. I then ask if the doors would be left open for air and was told "no, not tonight". NO! The Ivanhoe animal shelter is NOT doing great. The six dogs mentioned in the last paper consisted of a mother dog, her 4 pups, and a household pet that had been surrendered due to intimidation by a neighbor. This pound has recieved very negative reaction from concerned citizens.