Tornado Hits Spurger


by Emily Waldrep-

Spurger residents faced quite a scare on Tuesday, January 31 when a huge tornado-producing storm blew through the area.

Thankfully, no damage has been reported, but many residents saw and heard the tornado touch down inside the city limits. Other residents experienced extreme flooding and impassible roads during the storm.

Judy Mills was driving through Spurger on Highway 1013 on her way home to Warren when the storm hit.

 “I was driving 35 miles per hour down the road, and still couldn’t see anything,” Mills said. “Water was over the roads at many places, and I had trouble keeping my car on the road. I knew there must be a tornado close because the wind was blowing extremely hard, and the sky was almost black.”

 People who stayed off the highways also saw and heard evidence of a tornado. One resident was in her kitchen and said she heard a noise that sounded like a train, and looked outside and saw the cyclone.

No one was hurt in the tornado as it only touched down in wooded areas with no houses, but it did scare everyone in town and has reminded residents to have an emergency storm kit on hand at all times. 

Tyler County Courthouse Gets Makeover

Tyler County Courthouse gets some much needed sidewalk repairs

by Emily Waldrep-

The Tyler County Courthouse Square is considered one of the most beautiful and historic places in Tyler County, and has remained preserved for a countless number of years. But, some residents have noticed that within the past couple of years that the sidewalks have become uneven and difficult to walk on in some spots.

County Officials soon discovered that growing tree roots were the cause of the problem, and began the 2-year long process to revamp the sidewalk system around the square.

Since the entire Court House Square, including the amazing Oak trees, are considered historic, the county had to go through the Audubon Society as well as the Historic Society to get special permission and legal documentation to begin construction to make sure that no damage would be done to the trees.

Another concern that Tyler County had was that the tops of the Oak trees had grown much too thick, and if another Hurricane hit Tyler County the thick tree limbs wouldn't allow wind to blow through them, and the trees would blow over instead of withstand the wind.

Now, the Oaks and the sidewalks at the Square are finally getting their long awaited makeover. The Audubon Society and the sidewalk construction company are both on site and working together to ensure the protection of the trees as well as the repair of the sidewalks.

Tyler County expects the construction and repairs to be done by Friday, February 3rd.

Local man faces charges in two counties

Woodville police department responded to a call in the 1000 block of Pear Street on January 15 to investigate a burglary. According to the resident, someone forced entry into the home while they were not there, and stole several items of jewelry and electronic equipment. While Woodville officers were investigating suspects, a Colmesneil man was arrested in Corrigan on January 16, the next day.

Dustin Aaron White, 22, was arrested by Corrigan police on charges of possession of a controlled substance group one in a drug free zone, possession of a controlled substance group 3 in a drug free zone, possession of marijuana in a drug free zone, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to identify by giving false information to police. Bond was set for $17,000 plus fines for no drivers license, no insurance and expired registration.

Corrigan officers contacted Woodville officers concerning White, who happened to be the former roommate of the victim of burglary in Woodville the day before. Officers were asked to check the vehicle for stolen property.

"Corrigan police department confirmed White was actually wearing the stolen watch and ring at the time of his arrest in Corrigan," said captain Mike McCulley. "White has not posted bond yet, and a hold has been placed on him in Polk County. After facing charges there, White will be charged with burglary of a habitation in Tyler County.