Geocaching - It's happening in Tyler County, too!

A Geocaching locationby Emily Waldrep

Few people have heard of or experienced geocaching, but a few adventure seekers in Tyler County have become part of the widespread geocaching community and are enjoying being able to take part in the massive game of outdoor "hide-and-seek."

For those who don't know, geocaching is a real world treasure hunting game that uses GPS devices, such as a smart-phone, to find the GPS coordinates of a small box called a "cache." The game can be played alone, or with a group of people. All you need is a free membership to a geocaching website and a GPS enabled device. Once you enter the location and find the cache, you sign a logbook or leave a treasure in the box.

There are a few rules of geocaching. First, if you remove something from the cache, you have to leave something else of equal or greater value. Many people leave old small trinkets and trade items. There is also a logbook in most caches that the geocacher has to sign and date. In addition to the paper log, geocachers log their experience on the geocaching website for others to read about.

Shelby Adaway, a resident of Woodville, has been geocaching for 2 years and has found close to 70 geocaches in and around Tyler County. She once found a cache with a "travel tag" that had been all over the country, including Hawaii.

"There is a geocaching map that shows a lot [of geocaches] around Tyler County," says Adaway. "There are some in nature trails and even in the Wal-Mart parking lot."

Brandon McKee, another geocacher in Tyler County says there are a ton of cache locations all over Tyler County, and many are in places that you drive by all the time.

If you are interested in geocaching or want more information, the website is a great resource and they also offer free geocaching memberships.

Casting call for the 2012 Dogwood Festival Pageant Play

Director Alicia Scoggins has issued a casting call for performers interested in appearing in the 69th annual Tyler County Dogwood Pageant and Historical Play. The theme of this year's play will be "Totally Awesome in Tyler County". The cast of the play will travel back in time to the 1980's with stops at various locations across Tyler County. The audience will be dazzled by local entertainment and charmed with memories and music from years gone by.

A meeting for interested participants will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd at the Woodville Fire Station from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for participation in the play. An adult must accompany children 10 years of age and under at all rehearsals and the night of performance. Contact Alicia Scoggins at (409) 429-6331 for more information.

Woodville Eagle Choir Soars Again

Woodville High School Mixed ChoirWoodville Middle School Boys Choir

Woodville Middle School Girls ChoirWoodville All State

The Woodville Eagle Choir has recently performed at the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest and was very successful. 76 middle school singers and 27 High School singers represented our community very well and brought home 39 Excellent 2nd Division ratings and 65 Superior 1st Division ratings.

Beginning with the Middle School Choir: Tiffani Ainsworth, Mikayla Amason, Alicia Ayres, Haley Briers, Deirdre Carroll, Gracie Cloud , Whitney Cruse, Megan Davis, Haley Hensarling, Lyndsey Kinard, Crailyn McNeal, Jordan Ogden, Kennedy Pate, Alicia Persons , Chelsie Sargrent, Haley Schroeder , Hannah Spell, Shanda Stittem, Haylie Tullos, Summer VonEssen, Chandler Button, Brandon Falcon, Danny Faust , Jarius Foster, Ivan Lockhart, Amir Parks, and Jase Shackelford all received an Excellent 2nd Division Rating on their solo performance.

Britnie Barlow, Crailee Battise, Valarie Carter, Drew Daniels, Shay Hadnot, Madison Hennigan, Kelsey Hensarling, April Kirby, Antwanette Martin, Gracin McCollum, Bethany Mitchell, Shelby Mixon, Emily Parker, Raven Perkins, Dakota Read, Samantha Ruble, Victoria Scoggins, Peyton Scroggins, Bailey Stewart, Shelby Swien, Elizabeth Thompson, Avery Tolar, Marian Walton, Landin Ware, Chloe Weeks, Alexis Wigley, Keyara Williams, Shawnacey Williams, Sierra Williams, Delante' Barclay, Treyvon Barclay, Malyk Barlow, Tyler Dean, Caleb Dinger, Eli Dinger, Kamrin Frankens, Jaron Hadnot, Cameron Hinson, Logan McCurter, Dalton Rhame, Joshua Sheffield, Richard Simon, Austin Sims, Stephen Thomas, Michal Wagner, Tyler Whiteside, Jacob Williams, Carter Wilson, and Jermany Wooten received a Superior 1st Division Rating on their solo performances.

In addition Emily Parker and Jacob Williams both received the "Outstanding Performer Award". This honor is awarded by each judge to the best singers in each room.

From the Woodville Eagle H.S. Choir: Kelci Dean, Ashley Greenbaum, Kaitlin Knox, MaKayla Stowe, Shanequia Barlow, Angie Nanney, Destiny Sullivan, Tevin Benjamin, Matt Ruble, Hunter Scoggins, Reggie Williams, and Dominique Lockhart all performed and received excellent 2nd Division ratings.

T'Kena Barlow, Jillian Bass, Marqui Jackson, and TC Mitchell received Superior ratings on their solo.

Jenna Barnes, Hallie Beaty, Shelby Hadnot, Jacquelyn Johnson, Abbie Quinn, Patricia Rice, Kristen Swafford, Hannah Williams, Whitney Williams, Sam Matterson and Michael Nanney also received superior ratings and advanced to the State Contest.

The Choir's Ensemble made up of Patricia, Abbie, Kristen, Jenna, Jacquelyn, MaKayla, Michael, Sam, Joe Arline, and Chris Ledesma also received a Superior rating and has advanced to the State contest.

The highest possible recognition and honors go to Chris Ledesma and Jenna Barnes. Chris recently performed with the All-State Small Schools Jazz Band and Jenna with the All-State Mixed Choir at the Annual Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio, TX. These two students have reached the pinnacle of musical achievement in Texas music competition and they represent the best student musicians in the state of Texas. Congratulations to Chris, Jenna, and all of the competing music students at Woodville Middle and High Schools.

County Clerk Updates Voters On 2012 Election Changes

by Kelli Barnes- 

There have been some big changes to voting laws, and an uncertain primary election date because of the redistricting challenges. Tyler County Clerk Donence Gregory offers Tyler County voters some updates on the situation.

Election changes/voter registration

According to Tyler County Clerk Donece Gregory, Tyler County voters would normally be having Primary elections on March 6, "Super Tuesday." "Due to some law suits filed in federal court in San Antonio, the Primary has been moved to April 3," said Gregory. "This means the deadline to register to vote also changed. It is now March 5. We are not certain at this time whether the election will be April 3; if the parties do not agree it could delay the Primary into June of this year."

The County Clerk's office usually sends new voter registration cards in December. Due to the lawsuits over redistricting, drawing new congressional lines, the mass mailing of voter registration cards is expected to be the first week of March. "Everyone needs to be watching for a yellow card from us," said Gregory." There has also been some redistricting in Tyler County. So, when voters receive their registration card, they need to look at the voting precinct listed to see if they have been moved into another voting precinct. If voters have not received their new card by the end of March, they should call the County Clerk's office at 409-283-2281."

Must present ID to vote

Another change for voters is the passing of Senate Bill 14. Effective January 1, 2012 a voter must present a photo ID to be eligible to vote. Acceptable identification is: Driver's License issued by DPS, ID card issued by DPS, Concealed handgun license issued by DPS, Military ID, Passport or US citizenship. The exceptions to presenting a photo ID are: Voter with disabilities - this requires an exemption application to be submitted to the voter registrar; religious objection to being photographed; or because of a natural disaster occurring not earlier than 45 days before the ballot is cast.

"If the voter does not have ID they can vote a "provisional" ballot," said Gregory. "However, they must present the photo ID to the County Clerk's office, unless exempted, within 6 days for their ballot to be counted."

Polling Place updates

Voters, Democrats and Republicans may vote at the following locations (These are Voting Precincts): Pct. 1 Nutrition Center, Pct. 2 Masonic Lodge, Pct. 3 Hillister Baptist Church, Pct. 4 Bethel Baptist Church, Pct. 6 Wildwood, Pct. 7 Chester Lions Hall, Pct. 8 Bethany Baptist Church, Pct. 9 Ebenezer Church Fel lowship Hall, Pct. 10 Colmesneil Community Center, Pct. 11 Rockland Baptist Church, Pct. 14 Spurger ISD Ag Building, Pct. 15 Fred Elementary School, Pct. 16 Warren High School, Pct 18 Woodville Fire Station.

Precinct 5 (A-1 Wrecker), 13 (Fairview Baptist) and 17 (Woodville Lions Den) are the voting place for Democrats. Republicans in the voting precincts will vote at the Tyler County Chamber of Commerce. According to Republican Chairman Mike Paddy, they are still working on getting someone to man the stations at these locations and, if successful, the polling places for these will be the same as for Democrats.

All early voting will be open prior to the election at the Tyler County Tax office located on Hwy. 190 West in Woodville, across from Tyler County Hospital.


A federal court order issued February 2, states that parties in the redistricting proceeding have been given until 6 p.m. on February 10, 2012 to submit briefs and written advisories, with oral argument set for 8 a.m. on February 15, 2012. The court order further states that it is not announcing a primary election schedule at this time. "Things are so up the air this year, we are really watching everything closely," said Gregory. "If the elections are pushed back to June, they will most likely open up the ability for people to file for office again. It could get more complicated."

Kevin Miller Recital Video 'Greatest Hits' And Slide Show

Kevin Miller's Students were featured in a recital Thursday, February 9, on the Emporium for the Arts stage in Woodville. The packed house wasn't dissipointed with the fine performances turned in by the students. The Booster features here a compliation of clips from each students performance for you to enjoy. Great job Kevin, and all of the students!  The photo slideshow is below the video.

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