Warren Jr. High Campus Bomb Threat not credible

Warren ISD statement on a bomb threat this morning that was deemed not credible.

"This is an important message from the Warren ISD. This morning, the Junior High principal received a statement of a possible bomb threat to the Warren JH campus. After consultation with local law enforcement, it was determined that there was no credibility to the threat; however, Warren ISD administration, and local law enforcement, followed appropriate policy and protocol to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Again, after consultation with local law enforcement, it was determined the threat had no credibility and the students returned to a regular schedule."

Woodville man charged with resisting, possession, tampering with evidence

by Emily Waldrep

On April 30, 2012, Deputy Chuck Marshall responded to a call regarding a suspicious person passed out in a vehicle parked in the Dam-B Jiffy Mart parking lot. Marshall approached the vehicle to see if the man, who was identified as Micha Kibler, 28 of Woodville, was okay. He then responded that he was "just tired."

Officer Guiterez arrived with the K-9 unit and Oso, and conducted a free air search of the vehicle. At that time, Kibler threw some narcotics in an attempt to conceal them. He was detained shortly after, and officers confiscated a crack pipe with a small amount of crack as well as a white bag of pills without a prescription.

Kibler was charged with resisting arrest ($5,000 bond), tampering with evidence ($10,000 bond), possession of a controlled substance ($5,000 bond), and possession of a dangerous drug ($3,000 bond).

Seneca Road Update 5-7-2012

For those following the Seneca Rd. saga, the test section of the resurfacing of the road has been completed, observed, and Tyler County Commissioner Martin Nash offers this update on the next steps.

"After much tribulation we finally have some good news concerning Seneca Road. All the parties involved have come to an agreement on the solution and methods needed to repair and rebuild Seneca Road.

The sub-contractor will reclaim the defective material; an acceptable emulation (oil) will be added in the proper quantities and then remixed. The "Acceptable" material will then be "laid down" while being compressed. The entire road will be repaired in this manner. This is the method uses by most all county road crews for constructing new road surfaces.

There will be an engineer, a representative from the Company supplying the oil, one from the contractor (Pinto Construction), one from Moore Brothers (the sub) and the county on the job at all times.

This process will not be a speedy one, but the goal is to have good dependable road. This is the best method to achieve that goal. Getting to this point has been heartbreaking and trying at best. It has been the counties intention along to get what we contracted for. We would like to thank District Attorney Joe Smith and his staff for their invaluable input. We would also like to acknowledge our grant administer David Waxman for his efforts through these intense negotiations.

This episode has been trying for all of us; we would like to especially thank the folks on Seneca for their patience. Although painful, the court felt that it was in the best interest of the citizens that they receive a product that would be stable and not require serious attention in the near future."

Assault with a deadly weapon charge

Officers responding to a 911 family disturbance call April 25 gathered that the actor, Ronald Morris, age 41, of Hillister, had been arguing with a family member when he pulled out his shotgun and threatened to strike the victim with it. The victim then gained control of the gun and was able to go into the bedroom, lock the door, and call 911. Officers quickly arrived and defused the argument, and took Morris into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Texas Penal code 22.02 a2 states that an assailant only has to exhibit a deadly weapon to be charged with assault, and no actual attack has to take place.

Morris's bond is set at $25,000.

Doucette woman arrested for shoplifting

by Emily Waldrep

Officer Deshazo was called to Woodville Wal-Mart around 9 a.m. on Friday morning in regard to a suspected shoplifting complaint. When he arrived on scene, he met with employees and was pointed to a vehicle in the parking lot that was attempting to leave.

Deshazo made contact with the vehicle, and discovered it was occupied by two females. After interviewing the occupants and searching the vehicle, multiple items were found that matched the description of the missing Wal-Mart items.

The passenger, Amy Jo Davis, 34 years old, of Doucette, was arrested and booked into jail. Officers then discovered that Davis had used her sister's identity to try to mislead them and hide her outstanding warrants for possession of a controlled substance and withdrawn bondsmen. In addition to the failure to identify charge and outstanding warrants, officers discovered several more stolen items from Wal-Mart that had been hidden in Davis' clothing.

Davis was charged with theft of property, failure to identify, class A misdemeanor /possession of a controlled substance, fugitive from justice, withdrawal of bondsmen, F-3 and Theft of property class B misdemeanor. Her combined bond is set at $13,000.

Buna man arrested in Woodville on drug charges

Oso the Narcotics dogby Emily Waldrep

A 2:30 a.m. traffic stop April 30 resulted in the arrest of a Buna man on drug charges. His vehicle was also impounded after officers discovered the plates and registration sticker did not belong to the vehicle.

Officer John Fuller made a routine traffic stop in the 100 block of Barclay St. Monday and identified as a Allen Wade Whitehead, age 42, of Buna. After interviewing the driver, Fuller noticed that he was acting very nervous and jumpy, and he didn't have proper identification with him. Because of his suspicious behavior, Fuller contacted the Tyler County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit. Deputy Guiterrez, along with Oso the narcotics dog, were called to the scene to assist with the investigation.

The K-9 conducted a Free Air Search around the vehicle and quickly alerted to the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a man's wallet near the center console. Inside the wallet Officers found a small package containing approximately 1/2 gram of methamphetamine. Whitehead then told Officers that "He forgot the drugs were in his wallet". Whitehead was arrested and charged with Possession of Controlled Substance, State PG2 State Jail Felony. Officers also discovered the license plates and registration sticker on Whitehead's vehicle did not belong on the vehicle. The vehicle was impounded and an additional investigation will be conducted as to the actual owner of the vehicle.