Buna man arrested in Woodville on drug charges

Oso the Narcotics dogby Emily Waldrep

A 2:30 a.m. traffic stop April 30 resulted in the arrest of a Buna man on drug charges. His vehicle was also impounded after officers discovered the plates and registration sticker did not belong to the vehicle.

Officer John Fuller made a routine traffic stop in the 100 block of Barclay St. Monday and identified as a Allen Wade Whitehead, age 42, of Buna. After interviewing the driver, Fuller noticed that he was acting very nervous and jumpy, and he didn't have proper identification with him. Because of his suspicious behavior, Fuller contacted the Tyler County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit. Deputy Guiterrez, along with Oso the narcotics dog, were called to the scene to assist with the investigation.

The K-9 conducted a Free Air Search around the vehicle and quickly alerted to the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a man's wallet near the center console. Inside the wallet Officers found a small package containing approximately 1/2 gram of methamphetamine. Whitehead then told Officers that "He forgot the drugs were in his wallet". Whitehead was arrested and charged with Possession of Controlled Substance, State PG2 State Jail Felony. Officers also discovered the license plates and registration sticker on Whitehead's vehicle did not belong on the vehicle. The vehicle was impounded and an additional investigation will be conducted as to the actual owner of the vehicle.

VIDEO: National Day of Prayer 2012 Observance - Woodville, Tx

May 3 was the National Day of Prayer, and Woodville observed the day Thursday morning on the courthouse lawn. Drummer Conner Hughes and Fife player Logan Primrose from St. Paul's School led off the ceremony, followed by a performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" by Joan Estes. Tyler County Judge Jacques Blanchette did the welcome and introduced the speakers.

The theme of this year's observance was Our Christian Forefathers, with area men speaking for numerous American dignitaries from the past.

The Tyler County Booster presents the entire ceremony in the video below.

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TC Emergency Service District Commissioners attend training

Eighteen (18) Tyler County Emergency Service District Commissioners attended training at the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission Meeting Dale Freeman, Tyler County Emergency Management Coordinator

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, Eighteen (18) Tyler County Emergency Service District Commissioners attended training at the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission Meeting Room. The training was titled ESD 101 and was Conducted by the Texas State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts known as SAFE-D. The Training was accredited by the V.G. Young Institute. SAFE-D is an organization that was created to assist ESDs in much the same way the Texas Municipal League (TML) assists city governments and the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) assist county governments. SAFE-D supplies consistent and correct information and other assistance to districts all across the state. With correct information, the ESDs will be better able to run their districts in an open and efficient manner that will be consistent with their purpose and worthy of the trust given them by the taxpaying public.

Legislation that went into effect on June 13th, 2011 made six (6) hours mandatory training every two years an eligibility requirement for serving as a Commissioner on an Emergency Service District. The deadline for receiving this training is June 13th, 2013. This training received on this date satisfies this training requirement for those in attendance. Legislation passed in 2011 made many changes to the way Emergency Service Districts conduct their business and regulates the relationships between ESDs and Emergency Service Providers (VFDs). In the training, the instructors acknowledged that every Emergency Service District is different from all other districts in many ways, but the basic requirements and organizational structure required of each was taught to the attendants.

Also in attendance was Ellis Jones, the Fire Chief of Spurger Volunteer Fire Department, Rowland Priddy, the Fire Marshall of Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Department, and Robert Nicholson, the Assistant Fire Chief of the Fred Volunteer Fire Department, Tyler County Judge Jacques Blanchette, and Tyler County Emergency Management Coordinator Dale Freeman. Although there is no training credits required or received for their attendance, the information received will be invaluable in assisting the ESDs and VFDs in making their adjustments and transitions to become compliant with the new statutes.

Of the thirty-six (36) persons attending the training, twenty three (23) were from Tyler County. Representing ESD No. 1 (Ivanhoe/Hillister Area) was Del Johnson, Chuck Vonderlin, B.A. Smith, and Richard Coker. Representing ESD No. 2 (Spurger Area) was Pete Perkins and Kevin Watts. Representing ESD No. 3 (White Tail/Shady Grove Area) was Clyde Caldwell and Ron Hensarling. Representing ESD No. 5 (Dam B Area) was James Gunter, Johnny Page, and Larry Walton. Representing ESD No. 6 (Fred Area) was Doug Gore, Roger Harvill, James Alfaro, and Doug Miranda. Representing ESD #8 (Wildwood Area) was Harold Woodrome, Mike McDonald, and Paul Lemke.

Other Tyler County ESD Commissioners received similar training at the SAFE-D State Conference held in Galveston earlier this month. More Training classes were promised in this area in the future.

Beech Creek Church sign damaged by bad ATV drivers, not vandals

New Beach Creek Church Signby Emily Waldrep

With all of the history of church signs being vandalized in Tyler County, it's no wonder that the majority of residents suspected that it played a part in the damage of the Beech Creek Church sign on highway 1013 last week, but that isn't the case.

Late last week, two girls who had been riding four wheelers in the area, accidentally backed their ATV into the sign when they were trying to turn around. Both of the girls stayed close to the scene, and took responsibility for the damaged sign. A Tyler County officer responded to the scene, where he wrote the girls a ticket for the damage. The parents of the teens contacted the church and offered to pay for a new sign as well.

Members of the church and community are upset about the sign, but are happy to know that it wasn't purposely damaged, like countless signs in the past have been. As of Monday, April 30, a brand new sign has been purchased and placed at Beech Creek Church on highway 1013.

Woodville man arrested for family violence incident

Woodville Police Officer Marc DeShazo was called to a disturbance at Dogwood Terrace Apartments on South Magnolia April 19. According to reports, Robert Earl Barclay, Jr., 21, of Woodville was strangling an 18-year old female victim. Tyler County Sheriff deputy Jerry Laurent and DPS trooper Shane Moses were also called to assist.

When officers arrived, the two were no longer fighting. The victim refused medical help and also refused to pursue the charges. After officers interviewed both parties, Barclay admitted to his actions. Marks on the female victim's neck also corroborated the story. By law, a victim does not have to press charges in this situation for an arrest to be made.

Barclay was arrested and charged with assault family/household member impeding breath/circulation, which is a third degree felony. Bond was set at $15,000 by Judge Judith Haney.

Narcotic division make another bust

Tyler County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Division arrested Wallace Terrell, 54, of Doucette April 19 on a charge of delivery of a controlled substance. According to reports, Narcotics busted Terrell for crack cocaine delivery, less than one gram, and is facing a state jail felony. Bond was set at $20,000.