Illegal incense, DWI land Silsbee man in Tyler County Jail

by Emily Waldrep

Aaron Thomas Jones, age 24 of Silsbee, was found to be in possession of a controlled substance on May 25 after he was pulled over and searched near Dam-B. The drug found belonged to family group 2-A, which is an illegal incense.

"When I asked him what the substance was, he said it legal weed," said the Game Warden who spoke to Jones. "I then informed him that there is no such thing as 'legal weed.""

Trooper Moses was also on the scene and discovered that Jones had also been consuming alcohol while driving, and preformed a field sobriety test. Jones failed the test and was arrested for DWI with a child under the age of 15 and possession of a controlled substance. His bond was set at $8,500.

Video: Interview with Sheriff's Race Winner Bryan Weatherford

Bryan Weatherford defeated incumbent Tyler County Sheriff David Hennigan for that office in the May 29 Texas Republican Primary election.

There is no Democratic opponent in the general election, so Weatherford will take over as Sheriff in 2013. The Booster interviewed him following the election.

Weatherford shared his thoughts about the campaign, his longtime connection to Tyler County, and discussed several issues he will face when he takes office.

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Speeding driver takes fast track to County Jail - exceeding 100 mph

by Emily Waldrep

Leah Acevero, arrested over Memorial Day weekend for using excessive speed inside the city limits of Woodville, was reported to be driving over 100 miles per hour. She had passengers in her car, and was jailed for using the extremely excessive speed coming into a 40 mile per hour zone and her lack of observance as to where she was speeding. When asked why she was speeding and where she was going, Acevero was vague and nonchalant about the speed she was traveling.

Acevero, a Maryland resident, is only one of the out of town speeders that officers often face. Drivers from Houston and Livingston often speed into the small town of Woodville with no regard to the posted speed limits and downtown area where many people walk down the street.

It is important to report excessive speeders, and to always pay attention to the speed limit and environments of new towns and cities that you travel into. Speeders from out of town who show no regard to Woodville's "small-town" way of life by driving through the city at twice the speed limit are often carried to jail or receive a hefty fine.

Copper wire valued at $1,200 stolen from Entergy Sub-Station

by Emily Waldrep

The Entergy Sub-Station near Old Livingston highway was broken into last week, and the thieves stole quite a bit of copper wiring. Woodville police report that the person or persons robbing the station stole about $1,200 dollars worth of copper after using a pair of wire cutters to cut a hole in the chain link fence. Thankfully, the wire was just used as a ground wire and no power was lost to the city, but now the expensive copper wiring will have to be replaced.

Copper theft is a huge problem in Tyler County, as well as the rest of Texas, as the price of copper is rising. Many thieves will steal the wire and then sell it for a large profit to the black market or to an independent dealer. But, Copper theft carries a high price in Texas, and if caught, anyone stealing copper can be thrown into jail and fined. The fine is usually larger than the profit from the stolen copper, so stealing just isn't worth it.