Guns, drugs found during traffic stop

On Sept. 29, Woodville Police Sgt. Lawrence Hicks was patrolling the area of Cobb Mill Road and Pecan St. when he saw a vehicle traveling in the 500 block of Cobb Mill Road. Sgt. Hicks initiated a traffic stop and while talking with the driver of the vehicle, Hicks noticed the driver appeared very anxious and nervous.

Sgt. Hicks also saw a passenger inside the vehicle that was familiar with the Woodville Police Department.

After identifying the driver as Daniel Andrew MacGinnis, 58, of Warren, Sgt. Hicks conducted a pat down search of the driver for weapons. During that search, Hicks felt an object in the driver's pants pocket that was consistent with drug paraphernalia.

Hicks located a plastic baggie that was confirmed to contain a substance believed to be methamphetamine and detained the driver.
When Sgt. Hicks asked the driver about any weapons inside the vehicle the driver told Hicks that he had a flintlock type pistol inside the vehicle. That weapon