Commissioners to hold public hearing on new Medicaid facility

by Tina S. Richards

Tyler County Commissioners' Court convened for their regular scheduled monthly meetings Monday, February 11 and Friday, February 15. The Court's agendas included, for consideration, approval of a new bottling contract, a public hearing for a new Medicaid Facility, and authorizing the acceptance of bids on three vehicles from the Sheriff's Department.

The Court will hold a Public Hearing on March 14 at 10 a.m. for questions and comments concerning whether a new Medicaid facility should be sought in Tyler County.

In an effort to save money and streamline the delivery/supply process for bottled water, the Court recently decided to contract with one provider. Prior to this contract, several of the County's office complexes were each under separate arrangements with different companies. Sparkalette's was awarded a one year contract to provide bottle water service to the County's offices starting in April.

The Sheriff's Department received approval to start accepting bids on three surplus vehicles. Up for bids will be a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria, a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, and a 1989 Dodge Van. In other business the Sheriff's Department was authorized to purchase a new Ford F-150 patrol vehicle. After extensive price comparisons, between new and used vehicles, Sheriff Weatherford, explained that the new vehicle would be the most cost efficient. He reported that due to a government discount available to law enforcement agencies, a brand new vehicle with a full warranty, and no mileage will cost the department only $2,000 more than a used vehicle with a limited warranty and multiple mileage.

The Court authorized the Sheriff's office to begin the process of procuring services to repair the Doucette radio tower. The tower provides radio transmission services to local law enforcement agencies, emergency centers and vehicles, plus county offices and employees. The different agencies have been experiencing transmission problems with areas of blackout.

In conjunction with March being "Countywide Cleanup for Teamwork in Tyler County" the Commissioner's approved the month of March 2013 for free disposal of metal and white goods at the Tyler County Collection Center. Please check with the collection center for the acceptable do's and don'ts before loading up and heading out to the center in March.

In association with Family Services of Southeast Texas and Piney Woods Safe House, the Commissioners proclaimed February as "Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month." Tamara Shoemaker, representing the local organizations involved, received the proclamation from the Court.

The Court's next regular scheduled meetings will be Monday, March 11 at 10 am. and Friday, March 15 at 8:30 a.m.