Chester will prosecute vandals

by Michael G. Maness

Those following the City of Chester know they council has been scrimping and cutting corners to manage all while at the same time doing all they can afford to upgrade their city park piece by piece over the last several years. So when the recent vandalism of the restrooms was reported, it tore their hearts. They will be prosecuting the vandals if they ever catch them. For the families that use the park, and those that live nearby, any assistance will be appreciated. There will be greater vigilance.

A week postponed from Labor Day, Mayor Pro-tem Gale Williams convened the council at its regular time on Monday evening, September 12.

Among the financial statements was a financial review of the Chester Gas Company by the Axley & Rode accounting firm, the review of net position not being a full audit. The purpose was see if there were concerns, and though they expressed no official determination, they overview did say, "We are not aware of any material modifications that should be made" to the documents provided.

The council passed the financial statements for the city and gas company.

Steve and Barbara Robbins were guests at the council meeting. As the new owners of a small apartment complex, Steve Robbins expressed a desire for the city to take down a tree on city property that hangs over a portion of the apartment complex. The city will be removing the tree. He also requested to be able to pour some concrete for their trash dumpster, a portion of which would need to go onto city property. The council deferred to City Maintenance Director Dale Clamon who will look at and consult with the council on where that concrete pad might be placed. Councilwoman Charlotte Barnes mentioned how glad she was that the Robbins have taken an interest in that property and made such long-needed improvements.

There is a Chester City Facebook page not officially run by the city that caused a little concern. Councilman Floyd Petri consulted with an internet expert and concluded that there was little they could do, and it appeared to be good for public relations. Since there was no bad or slanderous activity and mostly good social interaction so far, council determined to leave well-enough alone.
Councilman John Wayne and Petri will be consulting with a contractor for a bid on more remodeling of the concession stand. The city will pursue an Entergy grant. And the election for vacant council positions was cancelled because there was no opposition to the seats that candidates had sought.