Chester ISD budget remains the same

by Michael G. Maness

Chester ISD President Ray McKnight convened the board on Tuesday evening, Aug. 16, and he led all in the invocation. Board member Vernon Lewis led in the pledges of allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags.

McKnight opened the floor to public comments, and regular visitor and citizen Chuck Davidson announced that the local churches and Chester Lions Club have purchased a lot of school supplies for children. They will be giving away supplies to children who need them on Thursday, Aug. 18, in the Chester school cafeteria.

The board approved an agreement for the Polk County 4H to work with their students.

In regular business, the board removed the previous superintendent and approved the addition of Principal Brandi Havard and Superintendent Cory Hines the school's bank signature card.

The financial auditors will be visiting soon, and Hines reported that the budget will remain the same for the ensuing year, conservatively based upon a 165 attendance.

McKnight read a letter from Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford that was apparently sent to all the districts. Therein, Weatherford set a consistent minimum and hourly rate for his deputies should the schools desire to secure one or two off-duty, and apparently this was to make the pay equal in all areas. Of course, the department would be available for any 911 call.

In the closed session, the school approved to hire a second-grade aide to help with the 25 students for the coming year.