City of Chester reconsiders staff

by Michael G. Maness

City of Chester will continue to hire some part-time help to aid city Director of Public Works Dale Clamon.

Mayor Pro Tem Gale Williams convened the council at their regular time Monday evening, Aug. 1. Light discussion on the bills preceded the reading of the minutes by City Secretary Annette Hickman.

The financials were approved without much comment.

A lengthy discussion over the park ensued. Not a lot was able to be done in July. The help they had been receiving from community service was coming to an end, and Councilman Floyd Petri tendered the refilling of the fulltime position.
After reviewing the finances, including the decrease in revenue, the council concluded that they will continue to hire part-time help to aid Clamon. Given all the duties Clamon already has, if the park was to continue to be renovated and upgraded, he will need help.

From the previous council meeting, the council has confided in Petri to lead the renovation. Councilman Vincent Incardona noted that they had savings enough to continue the renovation. Clamon mentioned the cost of wire and conduit, and the council seemed to concur that they proceed with upgrades as they are able.

The intention to go into executive session did not seem needed, and the council adjourned their rather brisk meeting in good spirits.